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KR DELTA – a slimmed down and efficient delta robot from KUKA "specially created for environments with demands for speed and cleanliness"

A versatile pick and place robot, customised for hygiene sensitive environments. KR DELTA is the latest addition to KUKA's product catalogue."It is all stainless steel, easy to keep clean and requires minimal maintenance. Which means that one can maximise uptime", says Micael Amandusson, channel manager at KUKA Nordic.

22 April 2021

The KR DELTA robot series is designed for environments where there are high demands for hygiene. For example the food, packaging and pharmaceutical industries or those parts of the electronic handling that have extreme demands on cleanliness. 
The robot series, which went on sale in April, meets both the US FDA's and the EU's standards for handling foodstuff. It has an enclosure class of IP 67, but shaft 4, where the grip tool is located, has an enclosure class of IP69K "which permits cleaning by high pressure washers, high temperatures and resistance to chemicals", says Micael Amandusson.

It can work in environments with temperatures ranging from zero up to 45 degrees. "Down to five degrees is otherwise the standard among our competitors. But those extra five degrees make a big difference when you are working with foodstuffs.

  • KR DELTA can tolerate high pressure washing up to 100 kPa. 
  • Has a sterile room certification according to ISO 14664 class 3
  • Tolerates alkaline and acid cleaning agents.
  • The gears are enclosed and the ball joints are self-lubricating.

"Overall, we are talking about high operational reliability combined with a very low maintenance requirement. These are robots that can provide the maximum number of working hours", says Micael Amandusson.

Fast movement
Another characteristic that marks KR Delta out form the crowd is the speed of movement. In its fastest movements it comes down to a cycle time of less than half a second. This means that it is efficient for handling where it requires several tasks to be completed at the same time. In addition, it takes up very little space and can also, for example, be installed on a ceiling.
Up to ten robots can be combined to work together in one unit. As regards weights, KR DELTA robots are available for loads of up to six kg. The reach is up to 1200 millimetres. 
Our KR DELTA robot is the perfect choice for pick and place applications, sorting, packing and food handling.
The control unit, which is specially developed for the series, is the KR C5 micro, which, in addition to its slimmed down design, also consumes 35 percent less energy than its predecessors.
"Together KR Delta and KR C5 micro make up an excellent, effective package", says Micael Amandusson.