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Closer collaboration between KUKA and Teamster

Teasmter is a total integrator that masters everything from mechanics to information technology.

4 May 2021

The system integrator Teamster has entered a partnership with KUKA Nordic. - KUKA has a high level of expertise in Industry 4.0 and digital twins. These are things that make a collaboration highly interesting for us, says Joakim Fredholm, CEO of Teamster. It is in areas such as the automotive industry, the food industry, the engineering industry and the pharmaceutical industry that Teamster mainly has its customers. The company is a total integrator that masters everything from mechanics to information technology.
- They also have special knowledge in areas such as gluing, joining, laser and welding, says Micael Amandusson, Channel Manager at KUKA Nordic. 
Joakim Fredholm, CEO Teamster and Lars Cardemar, Area Sales Manager Sweden KUKA Nordic AB 
Several special areas
Teamster - with 50 employees and a turnover of approximately SEK 80 million - is based right on the outskirts of Gothenburg city center, in the classic industrial area called Klippan. There, they work with automation solutions for material handling, packaging and sorting. On the premises, they also have a workshop, cabinet assembly and the opportunity to test drive equipment. Teamster also conducts certain consulting activities in connection with assignments - project managers, PLC programmers, designers and installers assist customers when needed. Considering that the company now wants to work more closely together with us, is a proof that KUKA has the right quality, says Micael Amandusson.
Robot simulation and digital twins
Also for Teamster, the partnership means several advantages. It provides a closer relationship to KUKA's support and access to KUKA Nordic's TechCenter in Gothenburg, where it is possible to test different applications hands-on and get immediate results. Teamster also gets the opportunity to participate in KUKA Nordic's various partnership events. - In general, it will be a more strategic collaboration and a win-win situation, says Micael Amandusson. 
Joakim Fredholm, CEO of Teamster, highlights KUKA's experience in Industry 4.0 and the competence around working with digital twins as important.
- It complements our own knowledge in robot simulation in a good way, he says. Now he is looking forward to the in-depth collaboration. - KUKA is one of the big players in the market. It is also a company that we know can deliver both safely and at a high level. Now we have various projects underway where their robots and skills will be an important part, he says.  What makes the robots a good choice? - In addition to being of the highest quality, KUKA has a very wide range. This means that we can find exactly the right size of the robots we need for our applications, says Joakim Fredholm.