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Under the headline "more than robots”, we will present so much more than just robots!

In addition to robot news, KUKA Nordic will focus on software for simulation and solutions for industry 4.0 at one of Sweden´s most important industrial trade show Elmia Automation 10-13th of May. Several smart softwares and services that make work  so much easier for system integrators and end users. We would be delighted to meet and show you individual applications that can benefit your company.

28 April 2022

LBR iisy

The Cobot for a new era: LBR iisy including the new operating system iiQKA, mastering the requirements of the future with intuitive and intelligent automation solutions. A new era of intuitive, fast and powerful automation for all, KUKA is developing the future operating system iiQKA.OS. The operating system will be the basis of an entire ecosystem that provides access to programs, apps, services or accessories and will be easy to install, operate and expand. For newcomers and all those who want to become automation experts – or already are.
LBR iisy, ready to use quickly, right out of the box. _It’s iisy.

KUKA Mobile Robot, autonomous and precise.

KMR CYBERTECH, is the combination of KUKA robots, mobile platforms and other industry-standard components to form a complex, mobile robot system. A mobile platform KMP 1500, with a KR CYBERTECH robot mounted on. The combination is sold as a product, and is a unique solution in mobile robotics. 
KMR CYBERTECH can exploit its strengths particularly in the loading and unloading of machine tools.

More productivity, safety and competitiveness

KUKA.Sim 4.0- a simpler life for system integratorsKUKA.Sim is a software that makes life easier for both system integrators and end users. When a robot cell is to be built, it is possible to perform tests and identify any weaknesses in an ordinary laptop. And it can be done with the right layout. The program can include a model of the environment where robots and other equipment should work and also place everything in the right scale.
KUKA.Sim 4.0


Within a minute, PRINT A DRINK can build up complex 3D structures in a wide range of drinks – creating fascinating augmented cocktails using only natural ingredients.
PRINT A DRINK is the world´s first 3D printing technology for drinkable liquids. The technology merges methods from robotics, life sciences and design to explore a completely new field of 3D-printing. Developed by Benjamin Greimel, who will present PRINT A DRINK in our booth. 
Request your free admission voucher, and visit us in booth D01:32

We are looking forward to meet you.