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KUKA Nordic: Software specialist takes over customer service

KUKA Nordic has a new customer service manager, Elin Hybert, former technician and software specialist at the company. - A person with very strong competence in terms of our offering and our technology, says CEO Joacim Lorentsson.

26 August 2022

She has continued to improve

As Joacim Lorentsson points out, Elin Hybert has a long background within the company. - She started with us right after high school and later went back to school and got her self a masters degree at Chalmers and at Technische Universität München. After that, she has continued to work here and improve, he says. In connection with Elin Hybert starting the position in mid-August, she also joined KUKA Nordic's management team. - She is definitely an asset for us in management, says Joacim Lorentsson. 

The best for the customers

Elin Hybert herself thinks that the new position feels just right and is looking forward to taking over the assignment and developing it further. - I know the customer service team well and know what strengths we have. We will build on them, she says. According to her, it's basically about doing the best for the customers, and always being at hand with the right skills when needed. - The customers are what gives us our right to exist and providing them with service is a crucial part of what we do at the company, she says. The background to the change in customer service is that former manager Emmanuel Hauptmann has moved on to another position, outside KUKA. He, too, is happy that it is Elin Hybert who has taken over. Among other things, he mentions her understanding of the business area as something that provides the right conditions.
- Elin has solid knowledge and just the right energy. I feel completely confident that she will develop the department further and take it to new heights, he says. 
Elin Hybert, Customer Service Manager, KUKA Nordic AB