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A simple and good value way into industry 4.0“iiQoT gives a technological lift to small and medium enterprises 

KUKA’s platform iiQoT gives small companies with a degree of automation the same opportunities as major industrial groups. Via the cloud they have full control over how well the robots operate, when they need servicing, if there are bottle necks in production and so on. The basic subscription is also free,” says Micael Amandusson, channel manager at KUKA Nordic.

16 September 2022

Platforms for monitoring 

Like KUKA’s more exclusive platform – KUKA.DeviceConnector, which is adapted for large companies and those who wish to create their own platforms for monitoring – iiQoT is cloud based and gives complete control of all equipment. It is more modelled and a little simpler. “But unbelievably practical and easy to use. You have prepared pages for each robot, each of them can then be broken down as far as the serial number to see exactly what they do, how much energy they draw, how many hours of the day they operate etc.
An easy way for small and medium enterprises to move into industry 4.0,” according to Micael Amandusson.
KUKA iiQoT: data-based added value through IIoT for your robots

Internet connection  – and its ready

It is also affordable from a purely financial viewpoint. Unlike with the KUKA.DeviceConnector the customer does not need to purchase the software. The basic version of iiQoT instead comes with a free subscription. “But the robots must have a network connection, which many of them already have. Otherwise there is a cost of course.
The users then get the information about how the robots are working via the cloud. All data that is generated can be opened to streamline the operation in a smart way.”
“Lets say that you discover that the robot only works for six of eight hours in a shift and is then stationary for the remainder. You could then allow it to work more slowly and reduce both energy consumption and wear. Or a warning message is generated by the robot – which can be received immediately via e-mail!

Monitor systems from around the world

Being cloud based also means that you can monitor and optimise your system wherever you are in the world, directly from your telephone or computer. The background to KUKA now offering the basic subscription for free is the willingness to give anyone who is interested the opportunity to try it. “This is something that is best investigated and experienced oneself. Once you have got started you will find more and more possibilities,” says Micael Amandusson.
 Watch our webinar about iiQoT
Industrie 4.0 and Smart Production]