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Highly qualified Danish company becomes system partner for KUKA

Danish AKEA Automation, which specialises in automation solutions and machines for metalworking, is a new system partner for KUKA Nordic - "We have a number of exciting projects ahead of us, where the collaboration with KUKA will play a crucial role," says Rasmus Balle, CEO of AKEA Automation ApS.

7 November 2023

Turnkey product equipment

The company - founded in the early 1990s - works with a variety of industries. They supply turnkey production equipment to companies in the wind power, mining and automotive industries, among others.
Now they have entered into a system partnership with KUKA, and according to CEO Rasmus Balle, it's a choice that makes sense.
- "Four years ago, when we started with robotic solutions, it was completely new to us. Then we contacted KUKA to benefit from their experience and knowledge. We have also been involved in the development of their control system and feel that this is a company that really listens to its customers' needs," he says.
Rasmus Balle, CEO AKEA Automation ApS and Martin Bunk, Area Sales Manager KUKA Nordic AB Denmark

Expertise in-house

Another reason for wanting to work with KUKA has to do with their presence in Denmark.
- "In addition to being a strong brand, they also have very qualified employees in this country, which is a great advantage for us. The collaboration is also very interesting for KUKA - "AKEA Automation is a highly qualified and reputable company with extensive knowledge and a good reputation in its field. It is a pleasure for us to bring them closer to us and our products," says Martin Bunk, Area Sales Manager Denmark at KUKA Nordic.

AKEA Automation ApS has 40 employees and all expertise in-house. The organisation has both a service and project department and manufactures components for the automation industry through its subsidiary BRIO Components. The company is owned by four partners, three of whom also work in the company on a daily basis.

It is a pleasure for us to bring them closer to us and our products

Martin Bunk Area Sales Manager Denmark

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