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Garage turned into a robot studio

Bringing robots to the public. This is something of a mission for production engineer Victor Bache. Because it's not that complicated, he says. - "No, my colleague and I taught ourselves, we just had to get started," he says. 

24 January 2024

For Victor Bache and Robin Lidzén at Bache Production & Mechanical Engineering, their own applications with robots are fairly new. For about ten years they have been travelling around as problem solvers at various manufacturing companies, including as production technicians in CNC and metrology. They have built up production solutions, carried out maintenance, streamlined and trained in operation and software, etc. But a couple of years ago, when a solution for a customer in Stockholm was completed, there was one remaining step that could not be handled by machines.

Nothing is impossible

It involved grinding and polishing one of the components. Removing burrs and creating a nice surface. A monotonous and physically demanding job. - Everyone said it couldn't be automated, and when we are told that something is impossible, we get started," says Victor Bache. The customer had a robot that they could experiment with. But they got stuck. Among other things, they thought the software was too poor. - "When I called the manufacturer's customer service in Sweden, I got no help, they seemed to think we were too small and insignificant. We needed to upgrade the memory, buy options and so on. But they wanted an astronomical sum to fix it. I got pretty tired," he says.

The robotic experience became a pleasure

Instead, Victor Bache ordered a KR CYBERTECH-robot from KUKA Nordic on his own initiative. - "I bought it entirely on speculation to be able to test how it worked," he says. 
He set up the robot at home in his garage at his villa in Kungsbacka. A space that has now become something of a robot studio. From KUKA Nordic, he and his colleague were offered training to be able to programme and more. 
- "We went to their facility in Gothenburg and tested a few different robots. While the salesman was standing there talking about the training, my colleague Robin figured out how to do it himself," says Victor Bache. He describes the whole robot experience as more or less a pleasure. A fun self-learning experience where they tried their hand and found solutions.  - "But sometimes, when we got stuck, we called KUKA Nordic's technicians for advice. Due to the complex geometry of the parts, they also had to design customised grinding and polishing machines to carry out the task.  

Likes problems. When Victor Bache and Robin Lidzén at Bache Production & Mechanical Engineering had to solve a tricky automation problem for a customer, they bought their own robot, set it up at home in the garage and learnt how to program it on their own. - "It was a fun process," says Victor Bache.

Advanced automation for everyone

Using programming, they then got the robot to move the component around on its own, exposing it to the stationary grinding belt from different angles. The impossible was suddenly possible. And in addition to creating a solution that could take over a monotonous and arduous job, Bache Production & Mechanical Engineering had found a new area of business. - Now we will continue to work on it," he says. Customers include both small and large companies. Companies that have not always started using modern automation, but where such applications would significantly strengthen their competitiveness. - "We see an opportunity to bring advanced automation to everyone. 
What did you like about the new robot? - In principle, the robots are actually quite similar between the different brands. But there is something about German engineering. The things are well screwed together and that makes it more fun to work with them. The software and controls are also great. It was simply more satisfying. Then KUKA Nordic was also great with the support.

What will be the next thing you do?
- We'll see, our focus is on motion-intensive solutions that require customised peripheral equipment. It may well be something that seems impossible. That triggers us.
Facts: Bache Production & Mechanical Engineering
The company works with production solutions, streamlining and training for large and small manufacturing companies. They have two employees and are based in Kungsbacka.
Facts: Victor Bache, Age: 35 years old.
Lives in: Kungsbacka with his family: Wife and daughter. 
Interests: Motocross, robots and machines.
Likes:"Argentina's national team, my mum is from there".
Drives: BMW.

Their forward thinking keeps me on my toes.

Hampus Samuelson, Area Sales Manager Sweden