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Meet KUKA Nordic at Elmia Automation 

AMRs, autonomus driving platforms and robots are in focus when KUKA Nordic comes to Elmia Automation May 14-17. A whole new generation of AMRs is now on the market.

25 March 2024

Elmia Automation brings robot manufacturers, system integrators, component suppliers and end users together. The fair has become increasingly relevant. In recent years, especially after the pandemic highlighted the weakness of long and complicated supply chains, automation has gained further momentum. Not least in Sweden, where it has become a means of keeping production in the local area. "We can clearly see this trend, our sales have received a strong boost in recent years," says Micael Amandusson. 

Super-efficient logistics

Another shift that gained momentum during the pandemic is online sales, which increased the need for decentralized warehouses and smart and super-efficient logistics. In this context, self-driving logistics robots that freely navigate on their own - without magnetic paths or similar - have become an increasingly popular product. The battery-powered platforms need to be recharged from time to time, which limits their efficiency. This is something that KUKA has recognized. The company has recently released a new generation of AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) and KMRs (KUKA Mobile Robot) - an AMR with a robot arm mounted on the platform. The new versions are both more energy-efficient and can be inductively charged while working, providing an operating time of up to 24 hours a day. - This allows you to get by with fewer robots.
AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robotics) KUKA has a wide range of AMRs that cover the entire value chain and meet the demands of intralogistics and production in today's interconnected industrial environments. They are also characterized by simplicity, flexibility and scalability.

KUKAs digital journey

Another industrial trend where KUKA is successful is digitalization. The company has invested in developing smart software that both increases efficiency and is increasingly easy to use without advanced programming skills. "At the fair, we will talk about what we call the digital journey. For example, with our KUKA.Sim software you can simulate an entire automation line in your laptop, with specific robots and other automation equipment interacting.
KUKA has also thought digitally on the aftermarket side. It is easy to order spare parts from the KUKA website. In addition, we have a strategy of modularity, where the different models share components as much as possible - which increases the availability of spare parts.
KUKA Nordic Digital journey
KUKA's digital journey, smart software that increases efficiency and is increasingly easy to use without advanced programming skills.
For its stand at Elmia Automation, KUKA is bringing the collaborative robot, LBR iisy, and the new KR FORTEC, which can carry loads of up to 800 kilograms. Plus, two Lego robots on the stand will show what they - in combination with smart software - can do: together they will build a Lego model of a Porsche, on a reduced scale.

We will also be able to showcase something exciting on the theme of AI, but that's all we can say for now, welcome!

Micael Amandusson, Channel Manager