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Reykjafell and KUKA enter into an agreement, which includes Reykjafell gaining exclusivity to sell KUKA's collaborative robots LBR iisy in Iceland.

Collaboration between automation company KUKA Nordic and Reykjafell – a leading company for comprehensive solutions within the electrical Industry in the corporate market.

Distribution in Iceland

KUKA's cobots will be efficiently distributed in Iceland. – With KUKA as suppliers, our customers gain access to cobots from a world-leading robot manufacturer," says Kristinn Benediktsson, Business Development for Reykjafell. – "The agreement means that our presence will significantly increase in the Icelandic market" says Kim Reeslev, sales manager at KUKA Nordic.

Reykjafell has a strong representation at Iceland

The agreement between Reykjafell and KUKA Nordic may eventually give a significant boost to sales. "Reykjafell has a strong presence in the market and well-developed channels for market-ing and sales in Iceland, and the hope is that with their help, we can grow in the Icelandic market," says Kim Reeslev.
Moreover, cobots are perfectly suited for distribution through an external partner, as they are a type of robot that does not require programming knowledge. Instead, the robot learns movements by being physically guided by the operator. 
"KUKA delivers cutting-edge robots and software, and the agreement is strategically important for us", Kristinn Benediktsson, Business Developer at Reykjafell. KUKA's cobots will be available in Reykjafell's online store.

Experienced company with great expertise

Reykjafell, experts in comprehensive solutions within the electrical industry, have many customers who need to easily automate their processes with cobots. While headquar-tered in Reykjavik, they have also operated a branch in Akureyri for many years.
"Collaborating with an experienced company with great expertise and presence in Iceland feels like a fantastic opportunity. Reykjafell will be our extended arm in this market, and I see this as a long-term endeavor," says Kim Reeslev.

KUKA is one of the dominant companies in intelligent automation globally, with over 15,000 employees and a turnover of approximately 4 billion euros. With successful in-vestments in energy efficiency and software tailored for industries at the technological forefront, the company is well-established in various segments: automotive, electronics, food, medicine, as well as logistics and e-commerce, among others. Headquartered in Augsburg, Germany.
"KUKA Nordic is an actor we are well acquainted with and have only had good experi-ences with. They deliver robots and software with world class quality and performance and are at the forefront of technology, and the agreement with them is strategically important and a success for us," says Kristinn Benediktsson. 

Partnering with a seasoned company with great expertise and presence in Iceland feels like a great opportunity.

Kim Reeslev, Sales Manager Cluster Nordic

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