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Strategic agreement between OEM Automatic and KUKA Nordic provides momentum in sales

Through a cooperation between the automation company KUKA Nordic and OEM Automatic - a leading distributor of automation components - KUKA's cobots will be efficiently distributed in Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States. - "With KUKA in our palette of suppliers, our customers get access to cobots from a world-leading robot manufacturer," says Jens Kjellsson, CEO of OEM Automatic. "The agreement means that our presence will increase significantly in the Nordic market," says Joacim Lorentsson, CEO of KUKA Nordic.

Cobots via distribution

The agreement between OEM Automatic and KUKA Nordic gives a real boost to sales. 
- "OEM has a strong representation in the market and well-developed marketing and sales channels. With their help, we gain further momentum to grow in the Nordic and Baltic markets," says Joacim Lorentsson.
Cobots are also perfectly suited for distribution via an external partner, as it is a type of robot that does not require programming skills. Instead, the robot learns the movements by the operator moving it with his hands.
Cobots will be available as an assortment under CABLE on the OEM's website.

Complements OEM´s range

- KUKA's collaborative LBR iisy robots complement our other offerings very well," says Jens Kjellsson.
OEM Automatic, founded in 1974, is one of Europe's leading suppliers of components for industrial automation with around 50,000 items in its range. They have around 200 employees and a turnover of SEK 1.1 billion. The company is based in Tranås and is a subsidiary of the OEM International group with operations in 15 countries.
KUKA LBR iisy Cobot

Long term cooperation

- "We have chosen to cooperate with an experienced company with great competence and which is very good to deal with. OEM Automatic will now be our extended arm in the market and I see this as a very long-term relationship," says Joacim Lorentsson. 
KUKA is one of the dominant companies in intelligent automation globally, with more than 15,000 employees and a turnover of approximately EUR 4 billion. With successful investments in energy efficiency and software adapted for industries at the forefront of technology, the company is well established in a number of different segments: automotive, electronics, food, medicine, logistics and e-commerce, among others. The head office is located in Augsburg, Germany.
- KUKA Nordic is a company that we know well and have only good experiences with. They deliver robots and software at the absolute forefront and the agreement with them is strategically important and a success for us," says Jens Kjellsson.
Strategic agreement between OEM Automatic KUKA Nordic. OEM becomes a distributor for KUKA´s cobots LBR iisy

The agreement means that our presence will increase significantly in the Nordic market

Joacim Lorentsson, CEO KUKA Nordic AB