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Front AGV chooses KUKA's autonomous robots

A partnership has been established between KUKA Nordic and Front AGV - a system integrator specialised in AGVs and AMRs. ‘We are very pleased that Front AGV, a highly reputable and skilled company in this field, has chosen to work with our products,’ says Micael Amandusson, channel manager at KUKA Nordic.

10 June 2024

Front AGV a part of 3Button Group

Front AGV, based in Mölndal just outside Gothenburg, is a company with a position in AGVs and AMRs. They are part of the automation group 3Button Group. The group has a corporate philosophy that focuses on equipment that is easy to handle. The project of starting a collaboration lands very well in terms of time for KUKA Nordic. Since the turn of the year, KUKA has launched a new generation of self-propelled AMRs that are at the forefront of technology. Among other things, they come with a so-called fleet management software that ensures a quick, easy and flexible installation at end users.

The future is mobile, autonomus and effective.

- ‘It is possible to establish loading points in places where the robots stop to load or unload. The effect is that they can basically run around the clock,’ says Micael Amandusson, channel manager at KUKA Nordic. The AMRs navigate themselves using the same type of SLAM technology used for robot vacuum cleaners. They take in their surroundings themselves with lasers and 3D cameras, which means that they can easily and smoothly navigate even in environments where there may be obstacles on the way. 
KUKA's AMRs are generally very easy to handle, which makes them a particularly good fit with the 3Button Group's philosophy. 
KMR iisy and KMP 1500

High quality and strong customer focus

The AMRs are controlled using KUKA.AMR Fleet software, which requires no programming skills. With KUKA.AMR Fleet, it is possible to take in the layout of the premises and build up movement patterns using the computer's mouse pointer. It then keeps in touch with the AMRs via Wi-Fi. The co-operation is also welcome for Front AGV.
- ‘We know both KUKA's products and how KUKA Nordic works. It is a good combination of high quality, cutting edge technology and strong customer focus. The collaboration suits us very well, says Emil Arnesson, CEO of Front AGV.
Micael Amandusson, Channel manager KUKA Nordic and Emil Arnesson, CEO at Front AGV 

We are delighted that Front AGV, a highly reputable and skilful company in this field, has chosen to work with our products

Micael Amandusson, channel manager at KUKA Nordic.