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Customized buildings produced by an automated robotic production line

ZeroLabor Robotic System created by system partner Randek AB, produce wall panels for Kodumaja. A complex building system and for some customers they produce walls that has 4 layers of sheets on one side of the wall. 

Challange through cooperation

Kodumaja Element OÜ is primarily a manufacturer and builder of apartment blocks, small dwellings, care homes for the elderly and disabled, student apartments, and hotel accommodations. They operate in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Estonia. With almost 30 years of experience in building using 3D modules, they focus on delivering customer-oriented projects, ensuring that the end result reflects the vision of the architect and customer rather than simply being a "box from modules." The biggest challenge faced in the planning of the automatic and robotic production line, solved in collaboration with Randek and KUKA, was how to apply standardized solutions to their unique projects."Today we are pleased to announce that we have successfully overcome this challenge through our cooperation",  Mr. Indrek Rehme, Sales Director of Kodumaja 
Kodumaja factory in Estonia

ZeroLabor is an impressive system.

The system is future-proofed, as the fact that tools and functions can be added in the future when needed. Thus, the system is flexible if they decide to change the building system. Today they need to have many quality checks in production to eliminate human errors. As ZeroLabor is a highly automated system The customer Kodumaja can remove manual operations and quality checks which will increase their productivity dramatically. 
Kodumaja is a group of companies that produce and mainly build multi-story apartment buildings. 

ZeroLabor Robotic System

Mr. Ola Lindh, Randek CEO "We are grateful for the collaboration with Kodumaja on this project and warmly welcome them into the global ZeroLabor community.
-"We are thrilled to bring many prefabricated house building companies into the future of off-site robotic manufacturing technology, enhancing quality, safety, efficiency, and sustainability" 
Mr Ola Lindh, Randek CEO

It is fantastic to see our long term partner Randek´s pioneering and disruptive solutions.

Lars Cardemar, Partner Sales Manager Sweden

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