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Extrusion allows for the production of various strips by using heat and pressure. KUKA uses plastic extrusion in particular for the automotive industry. With the flexible robotic solution, the extruded sealing strips are placed directly on the relevant component.

Extrusion: the technology

Extrusion allows for the production of continuous seals in various shapes: both hollow chamber profiles and lip profiles are possible – or even a combination of both. 


The process at a glance:

  1. The plastic granulate is melted in a heated extruder.
  2. The pressurized, liquid material is forced through a nozzle via a tube.
  3. The extruded strip is then cooled down and the strand is cut off at the required point or wound up in order to be processed at the assembly location.


KUKA has developed a special process technology for flexible extrusion of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE): using a robot, sealing strips for the automotive industry can thus be fixed directly on the component. 

Automated extrusion

Robot-guided extrusion allows us to automate your production process and make it more flexible and efficient.


Process description

With this solution, the extrusion nozzle is no longer attached to the extruder, instead it is flexibly mounted on a robot. The extruder and extrusion nozzle are connected via a heated and pressure-resistant tube. The robot’s nozzle follows the desired path on the component.


For automated extrusion, the

  • flow rate of the extrusion and the robot movement must be synchronized, and
  • customized solutions must be sought (no standard products).


Thanks to our many years of expertise in this technology and our in-house mold shop, where we develop and test nozzles and produce prototypes for sample inspection, we are able to offer each and every customer the optimum extrusion procedure.

Extrusion: the advantages 

Robot-guided extrusion allows us to combine two process steps – the production of the strip and assembly – into one. This enables you to

  • become more flexible
  • shorten your cycle time and
  • produce more economically as a result.


Thanks to the TPE sealing material, we can also produce complex and diverse strips and shapes.

We have just the right extrusion process for your production requirements as well. Give us a call!