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KUKA KR 500 robot in the metalworking industry

Two KUKA robots of type KR 500 FORTEC are used in metalworking applications at subcontractor IDS Casting Service GmbH, each in a separate robotic cell. Here, the heavy-duty robots perform finishing tasks on turbine casings for exhaust turbochargers.

KR 500 defies harsh conditions in the metalworking industry

In the metal industry, robots are exposed to adverse conditions, such as flying sparks and heat. They must nonetheless be able to perform machining and deburring tasks precisely and reliably. For metalworking applications at IDS Casting Service GmbH, the KR 500 FORTEC heavy-duty robots have therefore been integrated as foundry variants. This means that they are fitted with special equipment, for example to protect the cables.

Heavy-duty robot automates component finishing

The task of the two KR 500 FORTEC robots is to complete the finishing work on metal components. They use cutting and milling tools to remove projections from castings and put the finishing touches on turbine casings for the automotive industry. For this, the components are loaded into a special clamping fixture. During deburring, the heavy-duty robots remove sharp edges. Additionally, the robots machine the contours by rounding the edges. Since the components are made of stainless steel, the grippers of the KR 500 robots are fitted with special diamond-tipped tools that enable machining of the robust workpieces.

KR 500 FORTEC automates the finishing of components.

KR 500 FORTEC brings added value to the metalworking industry

Integration of the KR 500 FORTEC for the metalworking industry offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it relieves employees of physically strenuous tasks. Secondly, it works extremely efficiently, thereby increasing productivity and ensuring consistently high quality. Furthermore, the heavy-duty robot provides great flexibility. It can independently change tools, for example, enabling it to process diverse components and perform various tasks.
The metalworking industry places high demands on the KR 500 heavy-duty robot.

Planned expansion of robotic automation

The two KUKA KR 500 FORTEC robots have been in operation at IDS Casting Service GmbH since April 2017. The company is extremely satisfied with the automated after-treatment solution in terms of quality, repeatability and productivity.

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