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A KUKA robot writes manifestos

A KUKA robot can currently be seen at the exhibition “Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine”. The robot writes manifestos as part of an autonomous process at the Vitra Design Museum. The exhibition addresses the increasing importance of robots in our everyday lives.

27 March 2017

A KUKA robot combines sentence components independently

When writing its manifestos, the robot makes use of a predetermined pool of terms from the fields of technology, philosophy and culture. By combining phrases at will, the robot is able to create new and unique manifestos time and again.

The KUKA robot delivers a ceremonial proclamation

The "manifest" exhibit is the brainchild of the "robotlab" group of artists. The title of the exhibit has its roots in the original meaning of the Latin word stemof “manifest”. The role performed by the robot gripper (lat. Manus = hand) is combined with a ceremonial (lat. festus) proclamation.

The Vitra Design Museum addresses the robotic boom

The exhibition “Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine” exhibition brings together more than 200 exhibits. Design plays a major role in robotics. After all, the design is an important interface between the robot and the human. The exhibition, which explores the current boom in robotics, runs until 14 May 2017.