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KUKA cobot LBR iiwa bekijkt mogelijkheden van Industrie 4.0

KUKA LBR iiwa lightweight robot tests the possibilities of Industrie 4.0

An HRC-capable KUKA LBR iiwa is integrated into a training environment at the Institute of Production Systems (IPS) at the Technical University of Dortmund. The system incorporates IPS research results pertaining to Industrie 4.0. This means students can learn all about the production of the future. They work hand in hand with the collaborative robot and learn how to program it.

31 January 2018

The LBR iiwa makes not only HRC but also simple modification of the system possible

rbc Fördertechnik© set up the training environment at the IPS. There, the HRC-capable KUKA LBR iiwa demonstrates the possibilities of direct collaboration with humans. A further research focus: programming the system quickly and simply as well as converting it easily – even without special programming knowledge. This is made possible through the graphic programming of the KUKA Sunrise.OS System Software.
Productie van de toekomst nu al beschikbaar: mens en cobot werken nauw samen.
Production of the future today: humans and collaborative robots work together directly.

KUKA lightweight robot simulates assembly of a pump

The practical orientation is a key element of the training environment. As part of this, the students learn how to program the robot so that it can assemble a pump. For this purpose, the components are delivered by several camera conveyors. The collaborative robot picks the parts up independently and then installs them step by step together with an employee. 
Industrie 4.0 aan de TU Dortmund: studenten leren hoe een LBR iiwa wordt geprogrammeerd.
Industrie 4.0 at the Technical University of Dortmund: students learn to program an LBR iiwa.

Making Industrie 4.0 come alive

One goal of the system: to make up-and-coming engineers fit for the production of the future. A further aim is to remove any potential inhibitions regarding HRC. The practical experience helps to highlight the advantages of HRC. Regional companies have already expressed interest in the system.