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KUKA and Techniek en WetenschapsAcademie: Technology at an early age

KUKA and the Techniek en Wetenschapsacademie UCLL are joining forces to teach young people the new technologies.

19 February 2018

Robots can no longer be ignored in our current society. More and more companies have to automate to remain competitive in the market. This share will only grow in the future and robots will play an increasingly important role in business.
The Techniek en WetenschapsAcademie UCLL therefore wants to stimulate the interest among young people in technology from a very early age. They regularly organize after-school activities, school trips or camps where technology and science are the central theme. In their almost 5-year existence, more than 66,000 children between the ages of 4 and 24 signed up for a workshop. For a day or week program around robots, the children get the chance to visit KUKA.
More than 66,000 youngsters have signed up for a workshop on technology.
At KUKA Automatisering + Robots N.V. we find it very interesting that children at a young age already come into contact with technology and that is why we open our doors to them several times a year since 2013. The children get a short tour and their supervisors show them how industrial KUKA robots work.
The youngsters get a guided tour at KUKA and learn how KUKA robots work.
For young people, a whole new world always opens up and the experiences with KUKA robots are always positive. For some visitors, their visit has left such a lasting impression that it had a large impact on their study choice.
The youngsters learn to work with an LBR iiwa cobot from KUKA