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Automated bending with LVD Ulti-Form

Following the success of the Dyna-Cell, LVD now brings Ulti-Form to the market. Ulti-Form, like Dyna-Cell, is a robotic bending cell with an LVD press brake.

The bending cell for large and complex shapes

The main difference between the Dyna-Cell and Ulti-form is the size of the parts to be bent and the large output area with pallet machine and conveyor system. In the case of the Dyna-Cell, KUKA's CYERBERTECH robot was able to automatically bend parts from 30 mm x 100 mm up to 350 x 500 mm, whereas with the Ulti-Form these are parts from 50 x 100 mm up to 1200 x 800 mm, where long and complex shapes are also possible. For this purpose, the Ulti-Form is equipped with a QUANTEC robotic arm from KUKA.
The robot and the press brake work in synergy to keep changeover times to a minimum. The QUANTEC robotic arm from KUKA has good reach within the entire working area of the cell. It is equipped with a universal robot gripper developed by LVD. As the robot takes a piece from the infeed stack, the press brake, with built-in tool changer, changes the tools. To make this entire process as efficient as possible, the Ulti-Form is programmed completely offline, eliminating the need to physically teach the robot to the machine. The robot software automatically calculates the gripper positions and finds a collision-free path for the robot arm. A 3D environment realistically simulates production so the user can visually check and confirm the bending sequence.
The QUANTEC robot arm and the press brake work in synergy to minimize changeover times.

Robot gripper for any part, regardless of it's size

LVD's robotic gripper automatically adapts to the workpiece, regardless of its size or shape, and can therefore handle a variety of part sizes. This eliminates the need for other grippers when changing parts. Thus no time is lost due to changing grippers and this has an immediate and considerable impact on the total cycle time.
LVD's robotic gripper eliminates the need to provide other grippers for different parts
To ensure angle accuracy, Ulti-Form is equipped with LVD's Easy-Form® Laser (EFL) angle measurement system. This ensures that the angle is correct from the very first bend by measuring the angle during the bending process and adjusting the position of the stamp if necessary. Perfection is LVD's goal.
Ulti-Form's combination of LVD's press brake with automatic tool change and EFL, dynamic KUKA robot with flexible gripper and automatic programming of robot and press brake delivers high quality in a compact space. So what would make someone even still doubt?

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