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Ready2_educate robotics at Deltion College

At Deltion College in Zwolle they are investing in the future. They are currently using seven KUKA ready2_educate robotics cells to teach their students all the ropes in robotics. This way they are perfectly prepared for the labor market.

Deltion College is a (ROC Regional Training Center) in Zwolle, the Netherlands. It offers more than 250 mbo programs for about 17,000 students. But why is Deltion College so popular? Young people which have recently graduated and are looking for their first job usually experience the same problems: too little experience. In addition, the business world has changed tremendously in the past few years. Companies are seeing the benefits of automation and robotization and start to invest in it. After all, you have to innovate to grow. Schools need adapting their educational program in order to keep up with the demands of the market . Deltion works closely with various companies and therefore knows perfectly what they need and what companies expect from students.

7 ready2_educate cells at Deltion College

Deltion invested in no less than 7 ready_2 educate robotics cells from KUKA. These cells allow students to learn hands-on how to correctly operate and program an industrial robot. This kind of knowledge and skills provides students with a hugely unique advantage in the job market. Robotics courses at Deltion College were initially only for students in the Technician Engineering program, a level 4 MBO course. Due to the growing popularity and market demand, the school now also offers the Industrial Robotics classes for students of the Level 4 courses Construction Sheet Metal Technologist and Machining Technologist. However, Deltion already noticed that the demand for this class is much broader. They therefore decided to add the course in the future to the class of  Construction Engineering and Mechatronics as well.
At Deltion College they invested in no less than 7 ready2_educate cells from KUKA.
KUKA's ready2_educate cells are perfect to teach someone all aspects regarding robotics. The complete starter kit is especially designed for schools: from secondary school to university education. The modular training cell is equipped with the small KR 4 AGILUS robot and the KR C5 microcontroller. Furthermore, the cell is already fully equipped and configured for special didactic applications. The ready2_educate cell is available in 3 variants. With the basic version of the cell, students learn, among other things, pick & place applications, track movements for welding applications, and how to make precise movements with the robot. There are also 2 application packages available: the application package PLC where one learns commissioning and programming in automatic external operating mode and the application package Vision where one learns about vision systems.
KUKA's ready2_educate cells consist of a KR 4 AGILUS robot and a KR C5 microcontroller. 

KUKA's ready2_educate training cells are immediately operational and the school receives exclusive training materials with it. The training materials are both in writing and digitally and show a mix of theory and practical exercises, consisting of three interconnected teaching modules and a total of 50 lessons of 45 minutes each. KUKA helps schools, such as Deltion College, to keep their robotics courses as relevant and interesting as possible.

Hunger for more: Deltion College wants to dive even deeper into robotics for their students

For Deltion it is all clear: the KUKA ready2_educate cells are a great success among their students. Currently, the school is equipped with 7 cells, but an 8th cell is coming. Due to the popularity of robotization and automation among their students, the school will also continue to look into classes on vision systems and robot programming through the PLC. As icing on the cake, Deltion would also like to add the simulation program KUKA.Sim to the lesson package. In this way, students are prepared and prepped for the job market down to the smallest details. After all, the future starts at school!