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A robot that helps produce personal care products

Robots support the production of consumer goods in a variety of ways. Also in the manufacture of personal care products. They make production fast, coordinated, simple and durable. And thus exactly what also makes a good personal care product.

Guest author
July 21, 2022
Reading Time: 2 min.

By Pjeter Lulgjuraj

No matter which production step needs to be automated - whether in receiving or processing raw materials, picking and packing goods, or palletizing and distribution - robots can assist in each of these steps. Conveyors, grippers and automated guided vehicles are just a few of the process-supporting tools that increase the productivity of personal care products and reduce costs.

Robots can provide support in the production of consumer goods in a wide variety of applications - such as here in the palletizing of crates. They not only ensure greater efficiency, but also relieve employees of physically demanding work.

Fast and precise

Speed, versatility and accuracy are the three things that matter in pick-and-place applications. KUKA pick-and-place robots such as the KR DELTA are fast and ideal for sorting and placing products. Its stainless steel body makes it suitable for hygienically sensitive applications, such as direct contact with food, medicines or electronic components. 
When things have to move particularly fast: the KR AGILUS six-axis robot is designed for extremely high operating speeds. It can perform up to 150 cycles per minute - with maximum repeatability and continuous precision. Do you have a task in the assembly of small parts, material handling or testing? Then the compact KR SCARA robot may be the robot of choice. With a variety of integrated media supplies, almost any task can be implemented out of the box.

Simple and intuitive

As is the case everywhere, the automation solution must be easy to operate, otherwise it will not provide any added value in the long term. Intelligent software enables simple operation and fast, intuitive programming. Software such as KUKA.PickControl, which automatically adapts the robot to the movement of the conveyor belt, and KUKA.PalletTech, which easily configures and executes various palletizing tasks, are just two examples of simple KUKA software and programming solutions. 

Durable and holistic

Longevity is the order of the day, and not just from a sustainability perspective. As part of its commitment to support its customers every step of the way, KUKA provides a global network of system partners who have extensive application experience with KUKA automation products and solutions and can apply industry-specific knowledge to solve individual customer projects. And if things do go wrong: the my.KUKA digital customer portal offers unrestricted access to product support and 24/7 support via a technical hotline. 
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