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Application software for visualization, monitoring and comprehensive documentation of robot-based manufacturing processes of all kinds in near real-time.

Data management for greater transparency and safety in automated welding, cutting and processing

The KUKA.ProcessScreen process monitoring software enables overall and component-oriented documentation, evaluation and analysis of your production data – particularly for continuous-path processes, but also for point-to-point processes. 

Through comparison with individually configurable limit values, the software can detect any violation of these limits and thus allows you to keep an eye on the quality of your production. The results are available in tabular and graphical overviews at the touch of a button.

Enhanced productivity through process monitoring

  • Simple operation

    • Freely configurable for various applications
    • One software package for your entire production
    • Reduced training requirements
    • Increased quality

      • Direct feedback from the manufacturing process
      • Data-driven analysis
      • Efficient process optimization
      • Optimal troubleshooting
    • Scalability

      Easy expansion to further processes:
      • Arc welding
      • Laser welding
      • Laser cutting
      • Adhesive bonding
      • CNC
    • Web-based software

      • Visualization on any end device 
      • All important data at a glance
      • Local storage of process data
      • Transfer of data to distributed customer networks possible

    Documentation solution for stable, high-quality production: Your advantages

    • Standard robot technology package – easy installation and retrofittable at any time
    • Comprehensive visualization, monitoring and documentation of any robot-based manufacturing processes
    • Consistent configuration and operating philosophy independent of the application
    • Fully integrated into our technology packages KUKA.ArcTech and KUKA.LaserTech 
    • Easy adaptation for all technologies, configuration via KUKA WoV
    • Reliability for stable production with high quality and transparency
    • Can be visualized on virtually any end device due to web-based technology