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From 12 to 15 November, KUKA is exhibiting at MEDICA, the world’s leading trade fair for medical technology in Düsseldorf. The focus of the exhibit is the KUKA LBR Med lightweight robot – the world’s first certified robotic component for integration into medical products. See it for yourself at our booth: B44 in Hall 10.

Innovative, robot-based medical assistance functions

At MEDICA, KUKA will be showcasing the wide range of potential medical applications of the LBR Med. One application example being demonstrated at the trade fair for this robot, which is designed for human-robot collaboration, is spinal surgeryHere, the robot is either guided manually to the area of the spine to be operated or it can automatically move to the desired position – using a suitable imaging system or a connection to an external camera. The LBR Med holds its defined position at the area to be treated and assists during the operation.


One robot, many options: the LBR Med

EU-funded research project MURAB: Precision for biopsies in breast cancer diagnostics

The goal of the EU-funded research project MURAB (MRI and Ultrasound Robotic Assisted Biopsy) is improved breast cancer diagnostics. The precision and effectiveness of biopsies are improved; MRI images are used in a more targeted manner. For this, a robot-controlled ultrasound scanner based on the LBR Med scans the target area autonomously, captures volumetric and elastographic data and transfers them to the pre-operative MR image. The radiologist then selects the target of the biopsy on the superimposed image and the robot steers the biopsy needle precisely into the desired position. 

The KUKA LBR Med robot moves the ultrasound probe and the holder of the biopsy needle into position so that the doctor can insert the needle with great precision. MURAB research project. ® University of Twente-Vincent Groenhuis

Innovation in bone surgery with CARLO®

The CARLO® (Cold Ablation, Robot-guided Laser Osteotome) system from the Swiss start-up company AOT AG is designed to radically improve the results of bone surgery by using high-precision robots with non-contact “cold” laser photoablation to replace normal mechanical cutting instruments. 

CARLO® – (Cold Ablation Robot-guided Laser Osteotome)

Strategic partner in X-ray imaging and radiotherapy

In addition to the diverse application examples for the LBR Med, visitors to the trade fair can also gain insights into successful products of our partners, who use KUKA robots in clinical applications, such as intraoperative X-ray imaging or radiotherapy

ARTIS pheno. ® Siemens Healthineers GmbH