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KUKA smartPAD pro

KUKA smartPAD pro: The future is in your hands

With the smartPAD pro and KUKA’s new operating system iiQKA.OS, we are revolutionizing robot operation: simple and intuitive.

One operator device for all

The smartPAD pro for iiQKA.OS puts your robots in motion. Starting with cobots, the KUKA smartPAD pro is your easy and intuitive operator device for all iiQKA.OS-based KUKA products.*

Running on the new operating system iiQKA.OS, this next-generation robot operating device offers fast commissioning and virtually unlimited application possibilities. Thanks to its intuitive operation, you can achieve even difficult tasks quickly – without specialized programming or commissioning knowledge.

  • Flexible

    One device for all: Many expansion options for extending the functionality of the smartPAD pro.
  • Robust

    Made for industrial environments: Scratch-resistant display, protected against falls from 1.5 meters high and certified according to IP54.

  • Versatile

    Equipped with 10.1-inch touchscreen that can be operated with gloves, a 5 MP Camera, a 6D mouse and a variety of connectors and interfaces. 

  • Ergonomic

    Designed for fatigue-free use, even in prolonged circumstances and with an intuitive user interface.
  • Screen

    KUKA SmartPAD pro Display
    The 10.1-inch touchscreen with HD resolution delivers brilliant view and is also usable with gloves.
  • 6D-Maus

    Simple robot jogging with the ergonomic 6D mouse. It offers intuitive jogging and reorientation of all types of robots in three or six degrees of freedom.

  • User Hard Keys 

    Four user-programmable hard keys for quick access to individual functions and commands.
  • E-Stop Button 

    The illuminated emergency switch indicates a safe connection to the robot controller and provides the ability to emergency stop the system safely and quickly.
  • USB-C Port

    State-of-the-art interface for transferring data to all compatible devices or applying software updates via drive transfer.
  • Strap System

    Comfortable, relaxed and pleasant handling. Straps and handgrips that can be used in either hand greatly improve operator control.
  • Desk Operation

    Hold it in your hands or set on a table - you have the choice. The smartPAD pro can be operated ergonomically and precisely everywhere.
  • Camera & Flashlight 

    A picture says more than a thousand words: With the integrated 5 MP camera, you can easily document what you do at the touch of a button.*