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Robot-based service applications as a show act

Cocktail robots, barista robots and much more: service applications with KUKA robots are really something special – and are at the same time highly entertaining, useful attractions.

A very special kind of service: KUKA robots as entertaining, practical helpers

From mixing cocktails, brewing coffee or guiding cameras, KUKA robots can take on all of these tasks in an impressive and entertaining fashion. Packaged in unusual service applications, KUKA robots are not only useful but also serve as real visitor magnets at a wide variety of locations and events

A robot as a bartender: order drinks digitally and watch them being prepared automatically in an automated cocktail bar

Robot bartender: with MakrShakr, guests can watch as robotic bartenders mix their drink of choice.

Cocktail enjoyment 4.0 – refreshing drinks from a bartender robot

  • Digital and fast: guests can conveniently order via a tablet or smartphone and are informed when their drink is ready. Following a priority list, the cocktail robot mixes up to 80 drinks per hour.
  • A la carte and for every taste: the selection ranges from alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails to beer and wine. What is more, guests have the option of personalizing their drink when they order.
  • Flexible and cost-effective: the bar is a standardized product and can be procured quickly and at low cost. The innovative price model with a minimal flat rate per drink sold includes comprehensive, regular service as well as the use of the ordering app.

Find out more about the cocktail robots in the Case study.

A robot as a barista: technology meets the art of coffee in a robotic coffee bar

A standardized concept with two variants, the robot coffee bar can be procured at low cost and put together quickly: 

  • Kiosk – space-saving and fully automated with a single robot:
    - A choice of 12 hot and cold drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate)
    - Low operating costs and high efficiency, serving up to 400 drinks each time it is loaded
    - Fast preparation: 45 seconds per americano
  • Café – two robots working in a team with one human barista:
    - Robots prepare fresh espresso or americano (hot or cold) and pass on the cup to the next station
    - A human barista adds the finishing touches to the drink according to the customer’s request and serves the drink for a perfect treat
Robotic coffee bar: with Coffeed Method, robots serve a variety of coffee specialties to customers.

Robot-guided camera for top-quality, high-speed recordings for the film industry, web industry and more

  • Fast and precise at the same time: exactly defined robot motions position the camera extremely precisely, even at high speeds – a decisive factor for all high-speed recordings.
  • Flexible: movable robot axes can reach nearly every angle, making them significantly more flexible than classic camera tripods.
  • Reproducible recordings: motion sequences that can be repeated any number of times make it possible to filter out interference from external light and avoid reflections – ideal for video material for online shops, for example.
  • Simple animation instead of programming: compatibility with the software technology package KUKA.ready2_animate makes it particularly simple to set the robot motions.
  • Overall systems can be obtained from system partners such as CMOCOS.
Thanks to their speed and precision, KUKA robots with cameras catch every detail – ideal for the food industry, for example.

Cleaning robots for VR glasses: robots perform effective, hygienic cleaning of glasses at VR attractions

The first automated solution for cleaning VR glasses offers decisive advantages for the special hygiene requirements involved:
  • Thorough: precisely programmed robots apply the brushes exactly at the spots needed. The glasses are cleaned mechanically as well as disinfected and treated with UV radiation.
  • Consistent: all glasses are cleaned with the same high quality – which is important for customer satisfaction.
  • Provides relief: the robot performs monotonous and tiring tasks, thus relieving the human workers.
Automated hygiene solution: KUKA robots clean VR glasses quickly and thoroughly after use.