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KUKA ready2_spot

KUKA ready2_spot is the right KUKA solution for achieving fast and uncomplicated integration of robots for spot welding. Costs and efforts are reduced and quality increases.

Preconfigured high quality spot welding performance

In target markets such as global automotive OEMs, spot welding of high strength steel and aluminum is one of the most important applications. Thanks to the ready2_spot application, KUKA is the only robot manufacturer that offers an economical automation solution with the KUKA.ServoGun software for high quality results.

Advantages of KUKA ready2_spot

  • Ease of Use. Commissioning wizard for faster start-up.
  • Automatic force calibration. Speeds up the start-up process and makes this task easy on the user.
  • Maximum force accuracy. For high process quality.
  • Scalable package. Varying number and types of components incl. software.
  • Industrie 4.0 application elements. Production efficiency and process/interlocking analysis (in development).
  • Local support. KUKA subsidiaries and global process equipment suppliers (such as Bosch).
  • Package customization. Through the TechCenter according to customers’ specifications.

KUKA ready2_spot – the components

KUKA.ServoGun Software
• Dress package
• Weld timer
• Media installation plate
• Commissioning wizard
• Automatic gun force calibration with KUKA sensor
• Process cabinet, 7th axis control in robot control
• Optional: tip dresser, TCP measuring device, linear track KL 4000

KUKA ready2_spot: Preconfigured spot welding automation package

Area of application 

KUKA ready2_spot is suitable for various kinds of spot welding, such as the processing of metal sheets, steel or aluminum. The solution is particularly advantageous when a robot is to be introduced for spot welding, but effort for integration must be kept to a minimum.

KUKA ready2_spot_speed