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KUKA Genius

The KUKA Genius family offers three different variants of modular and compact friction welding machines based on the same machine platform. With a forge force between 12 and 300 kN, every Genius is perfectly suited for flexibly implementing friction welding processes for a broad range of products.

Compact, modular friction welding machines tailored for Industrie 4.0

With the Genius product family, KUKA offers a flexible, high-performance, all-round solution for various friction welding processes. The KUKA Genius is available as a single-head or double-head machine of horizontal or vertical design and can be customized for a broad range of products. 

Thanks to intelligent sensors based on IO-Link and the OPC UA data interface, the Genius machines can be easily integrated into a production network and conform to the reference architecture for Industrie 4.0 – a safe investment in the future of your production operations.

Convincing advantages of KUKA Genius friction welding machines

  • Einfache Bedienung

    Simple and ergonomic operator control

    The result of the new development is a machine with improved access, light doors and a large working area. Operator control is carried out intuitively via a touch panel with a modern graphical user interface.
  • Genauigkeit

    Utmost accuracy

    The KUKA Genius achieves extraordinarily high precision and welding quality thanks to precise bearing technologies, pre-tensioned roller guides and a stress-optimized machine bed. 
  • Individuelle Komplettlösung

    Custom-tailored complete solution

    A sophisticated hydraulic system, diverse drive solutions in various performance classes and a very large speed/load range make the Genius a genuine all-rounder for covering a wide spectrum of components.

  • Servicefreundlichkeit

    Ease of servicing and minimal maintenance

    The KUKA Genius boasts robust components with a virtually wear-free direct drive and long lubrication intervals. Beyond this, generously dimensioned operator and maintenance doors enable optimal access.
  • Einfache Installation

    Simple installation...

    The KUKA Genius is a plug & play solution. Not requiring any external control cabinets, it can be installed quickly and relocated with minimal effort.
  • …in a minimum of space

    With a footprint of just 12 m², the KUKA Genius is one of the most compact machines in its performance class and ensures optimal utilization of the available floor space.
  • Industrie 4.0

    An extensive array of sensors monitor the status of the machine and the entire welding process. The data can be transmitted to the cloud for evaluation via standardized interfaces, thereby enhancing productivity and data transparency
    Industrie 4.0 SmartProduction

KUKA Genius family in detail

  • Easy access

    Generously dimensioned operator and maintenance doors on the machine enable optimal access.
  • User-friendly operator panel

    Touch screen operation with clearly structured menu navigation makes operation of the machines quick and intuitive. A digital operating manual with search function and maintenance schedule further increases user friendliness. 
  • Transport-friendly design

    The integration of hydraulic and electrical equipment reduces the floor space requirement and simplifies transportation and installation of the KUKA Genius.
  • Ergonomic working area

    Readily accessible working area at the machines for convenient loading and setup with an automatic operator door. The easy-to-clean interior enclosure protects cables and piping from dirt and damage.
  • Integrated light curtain

    An integrated light curtain for the horizontally configured machines ensures extremely short cycle times with a maximum level of safety.
  • Flexible swarf conveyor

    Thanks to the optimized design of the Genius and Genius D, the swarf generated during removal of the weld flash can be transported away at either the side or the rear of the machine.
  • Extra-small footprint

    The vertical system architecture of the KUKA Genius V enables a substantially smaller footprint of just 5.9 m² including the control cabinet*.

    *without control cabinet only 4.2 m²
  • Ready for automation

    The Genius V is already prepared for automation and offers a cycle-time optimized and flexible solution for customers desiring a small footprint. Cell simulation is available in KUKA.Sim Pro.

Equipment variants of the KUKA Genius family

Depending on your requirements and the spectrum of products to be manufactured, KUKA supplies the friction welding machines of the KUKA Genius family in the following equipment variants:
  • KUKA Genius eco®

    The basic entry-level model for simple welding tasks.
  • KUKA Genius plus®

    The mid-range model with automatic backstop adjustment for even greater productivity.


    Also available for KUKA Genius V

  • KUKA Genius power®

    The fully equipped variant with a high-performance drive for the most challenging material combinations and angle positioning.

    Also available for KUKA Genius D

KUKA Genius: development of the single-head friction welding machine

The KUKA Genius features the latest, industry-proven modules and, with a forge force of 1.2 – 30 tonnes, can be used for a wide range of components in diverse industries, e.g. for the automotive industry or the metal industry. The machine can be installed easily, is space-saving and can be configured for individual welding tasks.

Technical data: Download product brochure (PDF)

KUKA Genius V: vertical friction welding with minimum space requirement

The KUKA Genius V is the vertically designed version of the KUKA Genius based on the modular system of the product family. The vertical system architecture enables a substantially smaller footprint of just 5.9 m² incl. control cabinet. The significantly more compact design in line with the plug & play principle makes for high flexibility, optimal access for servicing and maintenance along with an ergonomic working area and simple automation capability. 

Technical data: Download product brochure (PDF)

KUKA Genius D: double-head friction welding machine

The KUKA Genius D double-head friction welder is the ideal solution for challenging applications with double welds. The higher machine power capacity of the “power” variant enables maximum efficiency through simultaneous welding and removal of the flash at both ends in a single work cycle (one-pass productivity).

Technical data: Download product brochure (PDF)

With the KUKA Genius, it is possible to configure a large number of technology modules with customers according to their requirements – precisely as necessary for the component, production planning and manufacturing strategies of the future user.

Michael Büchler, project manager in the mechanical design department

Innovative operation for simple control of the friction welding process

Our intuitive user interface stands out through

Welding process

User-friendly configuration and setting of the welding process

Data backup

Input and backup of data via USB interface


Documentation of the welding results by means of database, printer or PDF export

Parameter profiles

Graphical representation of current and archived parameter profiles

Control & monitoring

Control and monitoring of all parameters of the welding process in the millisecond range

Quality management

Full traceability via data matrix code. Weld data are assigned to the individual components.

Program management

Management of up to 1,000 welding programs

Presentation of values and status

Display of the actual values and parameters as well as the current status in plain text

Multiple award-winning friction welding technology from the manufacturer

Genius friction welding machines have already won numerous awards:

  • Red Dot Design Award 2015 and 2017
  • German Design Award Special 2016
  • Industrie 4.0 Innovation Award 2017