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Upgrade & Refurbish Services

Extend the life cycle of your robots and make your production more sustainable. 

Giving your robots a second lease on life

Instead of purchasing new equipment, it is better to rely on the machines and robots you already have: A well-timed, customized upgrade or overhaul will ensure that your robot systems can continue to be used over the long term. KUKA will provide you with expert support in redesigning your production cell, overhauling the automation system, setting up new stations or carrying out re-tooling with software optimization. Give your investment a second lease on life.

Greater output due to sustainable measures

Lower costs, less effort, more possibilities, increased performance the Upgrade & Refurbish modernization measures will maximize the availability of your robot systems. Our experts will assess your robots and systems. Together with you, we'll work to determine the nature and scope of the possible course of action.

  • Technical optimization

    Maximize the performance of your production systems by taking timely modernization measures with top-class KUKA quality

  • Productivity

    Reduce waste and follow-up costs, prevent downtime and implement additional automation concepts cost-effectively

  • Competitiveness

    Ensure competitiveness through future-proof automation using the latest technologies and modern software

  • Everything from a single source

    A proficient approach, from a professional initial consultation right through to reliable testing carried out by the manufacturer

We will get your robot systems in shape for a second life cycle

Extending the service life of your industrial robots

With targeted machine overhauls, software optimizations and general overhauls.

In addition to specific individual measures, KUKA can offer you attractive refurbishment bundles to be implemented on site. Our experts will work with you to determine the necessary scope of the refurbishment project.

Getting your robots up to the latest standard

With redesign and reprogramming, or even by replacing your entire robot system

An in-depth analysis is necessary, particularly in the case of systems with a long service life. Our KUKA engineers will assist you with your retrofit project and work with you to develop a strategy for future-proof automation.

Used and refurbished robots from KUKA

In addition to new products, KUKA also offers used industrial robots. We inspect them thoroughly, refurbish them if necessary and supply them with a warranty for all parts. Whether you hire, lease or buy them: Used robots from KUKA give you a particularly cost-effective entry point into robot-based automation.

If you no longer require your KUKA robot, we would be pleased to check whether we can buy it back from you. Contact us! 

Kundenspezifische Anpassungen an der Robotik sind jederzeit möglich (z. B. energy supply systems, bus systems or other equipment).

Professional machine refurbishment: We will give your robots a new lease on life

Get the most out of your production system

Modernization will take your production system to the next technological level: Our experts will support you in integrating new robots, equipment, stations and tools. Let us give you tailored advice on site. We will tie into existing machines, control systems, software and hardware in the process.

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