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iiQKA: just get started

You can easily plan, install, and operate your own KUKA robot application without any prior knowledge or programming experience.

Configure your robot application in under 90 minutes

In the automation world of iiQKA, all available building blocks of a robot application fit together seamlessly. The iiQKA.OS operating system and the available hardware and software components from the Robotic Republic, KUKA's ecosystem, make the path to your own robotic automation as easy as possible. From planning and purchasing to installation, commissioning, and efficient use, iiQKA makes industrial automation easy.

iiQKA makes complex automation simple. That’s why we believe in robotics for everyone.

Create fully-functional robot applications with just a few clicks

Register at the my.KUKA customer portal to get access to KUKA's ecosystem and join the Robotic Republic. Here you can find all iiQKA-compatible products, view your order history, and check the availability or delivery times of components.

* Directly after your successful registration for my.KUKA, you have access to numerous functions. After verification of your account, you will also receive company-specific information and benefits. This process increases the security of your individual login. It might take a few days.

From delivery to the real robot application, iiQKA is simple, intuitive and fast.

The intuitive iiQKA.OS operating system with its graphical interface makes it possible to create a complete robot application quickly and easily. Users are guided step by step through the entire commissioning process. This makes the automation of your production tasks possible without outside help. The integrated help functions of iiQKA.OS accompany you throughout the entire life cycle.

Assemble your robot application online

Shop for robots and software packages and configure your individual robot applications with compatible robot extensions such as compatible safety sensors, vision systems and grippers.
Immediately after your successful registration to my.KUKA, you have access to numerous functions. After verifying your account, you will also receive information and benefits that are tailored to you. This process increases the security of your individual login and may take a few days.

KUKA User Forum: developed with users for users

iiQKA is continuously being developed for improved functionality and user-friendliness. Regular feature updates are developed in dialog with users and partners in the Robotic Republic, KUKA's ecosystem. To facilitate this close involvement of users in the development process, KUKA has created the User Forum. Users can participate in discussions there, post suggestions for features, and receive direct support from KUKA experts and other users in the implementation of their robotics applications.