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KUKA at IROS 2019

The worlds largest robotic fair IROS will take place in Macao from November 4th to 8th, 2019. KUKA is presenting two innovation projects.

About IROS

The International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) is one of the most important robotics conferences worldwide. Every year about 4000 international experts meet to discuss the latest innovations and technical developments in the field of robotics. The program includes numerous lectures, workshops, forums, discussions and an accompanying robotics exhibition.

In addition to the exhibition, KUKA actively participates in forums and workshops to promote the exchange between industry and research, including the CEO Forum, the Industrial Forum and the workshop on "Intelligent Robotics Research".


Efficient welding processes thanks to robotics and digitization

In cooperation with the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute, KUKA will be showing at this year's IROS in Macau how a robot welding process is performed on a workpiece. First, the user defines the welding path in the virtual world using a 3D model of the workpiece. A camera captures the workpiece and determines its pose in space and in relation to the robot. Different algorithms for position estimation, also based on artificial neural networks, as well as algorithms for motion planning are used. The robot then runs along the determined process path. A laser pointer is used to visualize the welding process.

By combining simulation in the virtual world and camera-based automatic calibration in the real world, the system can quickly adapt to new workpieces and possible variations. In the simulation, processes can be checked and optimized. Digital twins help to minimize the complexity of the design and thus save costs and time.

Digital and physical twin 

We are proud to work with the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute on new technologies to minimize complexity, cost and time in production.

Dr. Rainer Bischoff, Head of Corporate Research

A classic amusement park game in new edition

Visitors to the KUKA booth can compete against a KUKA KR 3 Agilus robot in a very special version of the popular reaction game "Whac-A-Mole". From holes on a plate, small toy robots randomly emerge and then they have to be knocked back into the hole with a rubber hammer. Who reacts faster - the human being or a robot?