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KUKA & BEET sign Value Added Reseller (V.A.R.) Agreement

KUKA announced today that they have joined forces with BEET LLC. This agreement is part of KUKA’s Industrie 4.0 strategy.

April 25, 2017

KUKA will now be able to leverage BEET’s industrial IoT technology as another tool in their Industrie 4.0 Ecosystem and to offer BEET technology on KUKA solutions to add a unique value to its customers.

“We are excited to work with KUKA, whose global industrial leadership in automation systems will further strengthen BEET’s presence in the global market. This will allow OEMs to access BEET IoT solutions with a respected and established leader standing behind it”, said Ronny Chiang, President BEET Analytics Technology.

With this technology KUKA’s customers will enjoy improved Overall Equip- ment Efficiency (OEE) and will be able to lower maintenance cost by utilizing BEET’s predictive capabilities.

„Leveraging BEET Analytics proprietary technology, KUKA will create and offer completely new services and applications for customers, increasing their effi- ciency and improving productivity”, said Larry Drake, CEO at KUKA Systems Group.

„Our experts are developing customized solutions to make sure your new business concepts are successful. In addition to that, KUKA already provides solutions today for future service-based business models with networking and flexibility as enablers” said Frank Klingemann, President and CEO of KUKA Systems GmbH. Backed by data transparency and consistency on the shop floor, digital services can for example increase costumer added value by im- proving cycle time or availability.

About BEET Analytics Technology

BEET Analytics Technology is a Smart Manufacturing solution provider founded in June, 2011 and provides Process Visibility System (PVS) built upon ENVISION, the software created by BEET. PVS is a new way to manage the manufacturing shop floor. It helps to transform the shop floor culture from reactive to proactive and enables predictive maintenance. The solution implemented through PVS will maximize the capacity of existing assets by reducing the unplanned downtime and increasing the production throughput, helping sustain higher throughput by providing pin- point and accurate information to the right people at the right time. ENVISION takes advantage of its proprietary technology to collect, process and present data down to the motion of each device of a production line. ENVISION plays the vital role for manufacturers pursuing Industrial IoT, which, in turn, leads to Industry 4.0.

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