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KUKA at the China International Industry Fair

From 7 to 11 November, KUKA is showcasing innovative automation solutions for Industrie 4.0 at the CIIF trade fair in the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai.

7 November 2017

More than ever before, companies are facing the challenge of integrating robots into their manufacturing and processing systems as quickly and as easily as possible. With its new ready2_use packages, for example, KUKA offers flexible solutions that can be precisely adapted to market requirements: preconfigured, coordinated application packages that can be integrated quickly and easily into an existing production facility. Ready-to-use solu-tions are an intelligent combination of KUKA robots, supplementary KUKA products such as KUKA application software, and thirdparty components.


At CIIF, KUKA is demonstrating the versatile range of possible applications of the packages, each consisting of a robot plus equipment for a specific application. These include automatic painting of products and surfaces (ready2_spray), controlling a robot with no prior training (ready2_pilot), working with a preconfigured gripper (ready2_grip), using the arc welding process with extreme precision (ready2_arc_Kemppi) and easy fastening of micro screws (ready2_fasten_micro).


ready2_fasten_micro is also linked to KUKA Connect in order to demonstrate the possibilities of the cloudbased software platform from KUKA. It enables users to access and analyze their KUKA robots from anywhere at any time. KUKA Connect provides the opportunity to leverage Big Data analytics and cloud computing to predict and to sustainably increase the productivity, quality and flexibility of manufacturing.


KUKA SmartProduction is a live Industrie 4.0 demonstration in which the Augsburg-based automation specialist shows how customers can make their production line fit for the future by intelligently networking all production machinery in the cloud. This enables customers to monitor and optimize every last detail of their systems, as the system compares and investigates the results of the individual stations.


The Swiss logistics subsidiary Swisslog is presenting the AutoStore automatic small parts storage system, demonstrating how the utilization of available storage capacities can be optimized by means of efficient order picking and warehousing. Furthermore, a virtual reality exhibit provides visitors with a realistic experience of a ready-planned Swisslog warehouse and also enables them to see for themselves the new possibilities that augmented reality is opening up in the field of warehouse management.


Moreover, KUKA is presenting the new generation of the KR AGILUS small robot. As the big brother of the KR 3 AGILUS, the new KR AGILUS will feature a payload capacity of six or ten kilograms. Its reach ranges from 700 to 1100 millimeters. It can be installed on the floor, the ceiling or the wall and is protected against water spray.


KUKA is also dedicating itself to another field of activity at CIIF: battery production. The future belongs to electric cars, smartphones and households with independent energy storage systems. The demand for battery technology is thus increasing. One of the particular challenges for this technology is how to combine materials that are difficult to join, such as copper and aluminum. KUKA has been using proven technologies for many years and will be demonstrating its expertise in this field directly at the trade fair booth, with exhibits including the specialized rotary friction welding machine RS1.


Everyone is talking about Industrie 4.0. Yet actually implementing it is no easy task. In the field of consulting, a team will be advising customers on how they can generate real added value for their day-to-day production by way of digitization. In three stages, the team will develop practicable solutions that are tailored to specific customer requirements. Throughout the stages Explorer, Design & Prototype and Pilot, the team will work together with the customer to develop tailor-made solutions. The goal is to use Industrie 4.0 as an opportunity to take individual components, processes, systems or even entire business units to the next stage. 


KUKA will also be presenting SmartProduction_management. The program comprehensively recognizes and visualizes all essential areas of a production system and increases the overall transparency, assigns resources efficiently, optimizes processes and reduces cycle times by as much as 10 to 20 percent. At the CIIF trade fair, visitors will have access to a system model. Here they can scan a QR code on the interface and observe the key body-in-white production station.

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