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KUKA builds on KR CYBERTECH success

The KUKA KR CYBERTECH robot series stands out for its high performance and compact design. These features perfectly meet the demands of the market. A model will be exhibited as a component of a Ready Pack at the CIIF robotics show in Shanghai from 19 to 23 September 2018.

19 September 2018

Top performance in the low payload category

The KR CYBERTECH is a powerful multi-function robot in the low payload category. Thanks to its compact design, it is ideally suited for space-saving cell concepts. The robot covers all payloads from 6 to 22 kilograms and has a reach from 1612 to 2100 millimeters. “The combination of high payload capacity, long reach and small footprint is a real unique selling point,” states Markus Hollfelder-Asam, Product Manager at KUKA.

The right solution for every task

Perfect machining, precise continuous-path applications or fast handling: the KR CYBERTECH convinces in many fields of application. The robot from the low payload category can exploit its strengths in such sectors as the electronics industry – in the manufacture of notebooks or TV housings, for example. It is also suitable for use in the automotive industry and in general industry. In addition to loading and unloading tasks, the KR CYBERTECH also carries out finishing work such as polishing and deburring. For cleanroom and other specific applications, the robot is also available in special-purpose variants. “We are keeping up with the high demand and, from 2019 onwards, will be shortening delivery times even further,” adds Markus Hollfelder-Asam.

KR CYBERTECH in a high-performance package

The KR CYBERTECH is part of the KUKA Ready Packs. These combine powerful KUKA products into a single package. The preconfigured solutions consist of a robot, a controller, an operator control element and software. As a Priority Delivery Line, a delivery time of three weeks is guaranteed. “With the KR CYBERTECH Ready Pack, KUKA is in step with the times and can quickly meet customer requirements,” says Hollfelder-Asam.