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KUKA iiQoT: data-based added value through IIoT for your robots

Data-based automation made easy: maximize the operating time of your robot fleet with KUKA iiQoT. The central IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) platform supplies all important data in real time. This makes not only remote monitoring of the robot systems more efficient, but troubleshooting as well. 

One platform for all robots: Big Data for monitoring, visualization and troubleshooting

What condition is your robot in? How efficiently is it working? And what about the entire robot fleet at your company? KUKA iiQoT has an eye on all the condition data: from hardware to software and on to the controller. The central platform leverages the advantages of the Industrial Internet of Things and bundles the data of a complete robot fleet transparently and clearly in one dashboard. You can gain access from anywhere around the clock. The most important functions include systems management, preventive maintenance, fault detection as well as warning messages. Instead of simply visualizing raw data, KUKA iiQoT delivers supplementary orientation parameters, enabling messages to be easily interpreted and faults efficiently rectified. The IIoT-platform, implemented by KUKA subsidiary Device Insights, is suitable for small and large fleets – and clears the way for the Smart Factory.

IIoT: easy to use, for any industrial requirement 

KUKA iiQoT is characterized by an expandable software architecture. Individual modules are stored on the IIoT platform, which can be supplemented customer-specifically at any time. This makes it easy to find one's way around and provides valuable functions depending on industrial application needs. All the advantages and possibilities at a glance: 
  • Optimization of the fleet

    • Management of systems and machines
    • Checking safety
    • Robot maintenance
  • Fault finding and troubleshooting

    • Notification of problems
    • Saving time during fault finding
    • Increasing availability
  • Clear and quick overview

    • Transparency across the entire robot fleet thanks to IIoT technologies
    • Remote maintenance outside the production halls
    • Access to all required data from all devices
  • Increased efficiency

    • Securing system productivity
    • Identifying potential for improvement in the industrial environment
    • Targeted actions

Avoiding production downtime thanks to IIoT applications

The IIoT software from KUKA is strongly oriented towards the needs of companies: minimizing downtime and maximizing operating time. This is achieved through the optimal interaction of various modules, such as “Condition Monitoring”, “Fault Diagnosis” and “Changelog”. Faults can thus be quickly identified. KUKA iiQoT users can log into the corresponding robot in the selected line and cell in order to view the problem. If troubleshooting does not succeed in the first step, you can quickly access diagnostic data via “Fault Diagnosis”.

Transparent and always up to date thanks to IIoT: the dashboard of the iiQoT cloud software helps to identify faults quickly.

KUKA cloud solution: uncomplicated, secure, cost-effective

KUKA iiQoT is initially available as Software as a Service (SaaS). No matter whether you want to connect five robots or 200: the cloud solution is scalable. Users do not need to worry about hardware sizing. The data are securely stored on a European server. The collection and transmission of data to the cloud is also absolutely secure. For this purpose, IoT subsidiary Device Insight developed its own software component that uses selected functionalities of Microsoft Azure, including automatic software updates and security certificates that are renewed daily. Benefit from maximum availability, flexibility and high performance


The advantages of our cloud-based IIoT solution

Secure connection

Security matters: the data are located on a European server. They are optimally protected from loss and failures.

Up to date at all times

You do not have to worry about operation or maintenance, but always have access to the latest version.


Scaling tailored to your needs: robots can be added to or removed from the fleet as desired. 

High availability 

Enhanced performance and availability: Your processes run reliably and there is no need for time-consuming system recovery.

Reduced costs

No complex hardware (expensive maintenance) at your company is required. A gateway or existing hardware can be used.

Independent of location and device

Access robot fleet data from anywhere at any time: KUKA iiQoT offers maximum flexibility. 

Clever expansions for the system

In the future, KUKA iiQoT will offer additional functions to address our customers’ IIoT needs. This includes, for example, information concerning the wear of gear units and motors as well as the workload – in order to obtain early indications of potential problems and maintenance tasks (Predictive Maintenance). Functions relating to energy consumption and cycle times are additionally planned. Frequently requested features, for example to facilitate the creation of backups and to make statements on process and component quality (across various process steps), are also to become part of the IIoT platform. In the future, the integration of digital services such as KUKA Xpert will provide additional customer benefits and make it easier to use KUKA iiQoT. In this way, you benefit from all the advantages of the Internet of Things in an industrial environment.

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