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The KUKA.TRACC TCP package ensures an optimal, efficient and safe production sequence. It is added to the KR C5 controller as an option, thereby enabling the automatic setup and checking of the TCP by the robot in production operation.

KUKA.TRACC TCP comes with all the software functions and hardware components required for automatic TCP checking and calibration. The software technology package is an addition to the KR C5 controller. With it, the robot can automatically check and if necessary update its TCP with the desired regularity during production operation.

The special feature: during absolutely accurate referencing of the TCP, TRACC TCP also determines the inaccuracies of the robot and takes them into consideration when determining the TCP.

The software package consists of two components:

  • Software
  • Fork-type light barrier with connecting cable (10 meters or 18 meters)

For the system operator and administrator, KUKA.TRACC TCP offers a display on the smartPAD. All important measurement results are displayed here as both text and graphics.

Functional sequence and operator control during operation

Due to the ability to set tolerance limits, the KUKA.TRACC TCP software ensures an optimal production sequence:

  • Tolerance limit 1 defines the typical measurement deviation and small TCP changes that have no effect on the quality of your production.  
  • Tolerance limit 2 defines the limit beyond which automatic calibration is no longer meaningful, as the deviations are too large.

Within a few seconds, the checking routine of the software determines whether the TCP is still within tolerance limit 1. Either X, Y or X, Y, Z and the orientation angles A, B, C are checked.

Operator control of KUKA.TRACC TCP is particularly easy. The software can be run fully automatically with a PLC or manually by means of an HMI plug-in on the smartPAD. If required, both options can be combined.

Preconditions of KUKA.TRACC TCP

The functions of the KUKA.TRACC TCP software offer optimal production possibilities – including with tools that typically have variable TCPs in production operation.

These technologies are suitable for use with KUKA.TRACC TCP: