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KUKA at ERF 2022

KUKA has showcased an EU research project for improved cancer diagnostics at the European Robotics Forum in Rotterdam in June 2022.

Let's turn robotic systems into robotic solutions

Under the motto "Let's turn robotic systems into robotic solutions," the most influential meeting of the European robotics community, the European Robotics Forum (ERF), took place in June 2022 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Representatives from academia, industry, and politics gathered from across Europe to exchange ideason topics during lectures, workshops, and social events. The overarching theme in 2022 was "Robotics and Sustainability."

At the accompanying exhibition, companies, universities and institutes had the opportunity to provide an insight into their current research and projects and to exchange ideas in the robotics network.

MURAB - improved diagnosis of breast cancer

The EU funded research project MURAB „MRI – and ultrasound robotic assisted biopsy“ , has the ambition to drastically improve cancer diagnostics. To archieve this, the precision and effectiveness of biopsies are improved with the support of the KUKA lightweight robot LBR Med. For this reason, robotic technology can be used to reduce expensive magnetic resonance imaging and replace it with equally precise robotic techniques.


"A robotic ultrasound scanner based on the LBR Med autonomously scans the target area, acquires volumetric and elastographic data and transfers them to the preoperative MR image. The radiologist then selects the target of the biopsy on the blended image and the robot steers the biopsy needle precisely into the desired position”, says Dr. Felix Allmendinger, project lead at KUKA Technology and Innovation Center. In the project, all the necessary components are being developed and networked with each other: from various imaging methods to the simulation of tissue deformations and the planning and control of robotic movements to support a tissue removal procedure.

About ERF

The ERF is organised by euRobotics, an international non-profit association based in Brussels, for all members in European robotics. The aim is to make robotics useful for the European economy and society. KUKA plays a leading role here.
The ERF has its origins in a purely academic event in 2010. 
It has evolved into one of the most influential European platforms with representatives from research, industry and politics.

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