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KUKA industrial robot wins Red Dot Award 2017

The KUKA industrial robot KR CYBERTECH has won the Red Dot Award 2017 in the “Product Design” category. Thanks to its volume-reducing compactness, the robot is fast, agile and works very precisely – even at maximum speed.

1 August 2017

KR CYBERTECH: streamlined robot for high speed and maximum reach

KR CYBERTECH industrial robot is suitable for machining and handling large components as well as for assemblypalletizing and arc welding. Now, it has also won an accolade for its design. The jury’s reasoning: “The KR CYBERTECH industrial robot – with its streamlined, elongated silhouette – stretches the limits of possibility in terms of speed and reach.”

And now bearing a red dot: The KR 20 CYBERTECH has won the Red Dot Award 2017 for “Product Design".

Economical use of materials reduces energy consumption

With a reach of 2,100 mm, the robot covers extremely large distances for its payload category of 20 kg. This was impossible for predecessor models. The economical use of materials also reduces energy consumption and supports sustainability. “It is designed to be fast and agile, reliable and precise. The robot also has to cover a large workspace and be extremely flexible in terms of deployment so that it is ideally suited for use in many applications in industrial production and can tap into new sectors,” says industrial designer Mario Selic. The robot can be installed on the floor, wall or ceiling, or at a certain angle.

Customers profit from the compactness of the KR CYBERTECH robot

The KR CYBERTECH is the answer to the ever-increasing requirements in automation. It sets a new benchmark in performance and power density. With its utmost precision and a repeatability of 40 micrometers, it can exploit its strengths to the full – even at maximum speed. Customers profit from the volume-reducing compactness and outstanding freedom in production: the robot masterfully unlocks a workspace of 23 m3 in volume.

A product is only able to gain the user’s full trust if it exudes reliability and sophistication. After all, an impressive, high-quality appearance is the first effective communication of technical performance.

Mario Selic, Industrial Designer