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Exner is Official KUKA System Partner

KUKA is further expanding its partnernetwork with Exner Ingenieurstechniek

Since May 2018, KUKA has again a new System Partner. The latest addition to KUKA's partner network is Exner Ingenieurstechniek based in Druten. Since 1992 is Exner Ingenieurstechniek already active in the automation sector. Through their years of experience they have become experts in robot applications such as welding, cutting, laser cutting, foundry, milling and drilling

28 June 2018

Providing quality through partnerships

For KUKA it is very important to be able to work with qualitative partners. By joining forces, KUKA and Exner Ingenieurstechniek can help their customers much better. Both companies have years of experience and an enormous amount of knowledge, but each in their field. Through this partnership, this knowledge is shared and this, of course, only benefits the customers.
Positieve samenwerking tussen Exner Ingenieurstechniek en KUKA
Exner Ingenieurstechniek and KUKA have been partners in automation for many years.

KUKA guarantees quality and innovative technologie and we would like to connect our name to such a company

Emil Exner jr.
KUKA and Exner Ingenieurstechniek have been working together intensively for several years and both parties are enthusiastic about this. The high-quality robot technology, the expertise and active support of KUKA has strengthened the possibilities and strength of Exner Ingenieurstechniek. Thanks to the years of experience of Exner Ingenieurstechniek, they can now have a KUKA robot weld fully automatic single products within a few moments. This all happens without a robot programmer but with their Instant Robot Programming System.
Exner's Instant Robot Programmeer Systeem
Exner Ingenieurstechniek programs KUKA robots via their  Instant Robot Programming System.