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Made for extreme low temperatures, the KR QUANTEC PA Arctic has been developed especially for palletizing in deep-freeze environments - without a protective suit or a robot arm heater. These capabilities make it unrivaled worldwide – and the ideal palletizing robot for the food industry.

Flexible palletizer for use in deep-freeze environments as cold as -30 °C

Fast, efficient palletizing of layers with ice cream, meat, fish and other frozen products

As a cold-resistant adaptation of the proven KR QUANTEC PA family, the KR QUANTEC PA Arctic takes on demanding palletizing tasks in temperatures from -30 °C to +10 °C. With a reach of 3,195 mm and payloads of 120, 180 and 240 kg, the palletizer offers short cycle times, high flexibility and extreme precision when stacking and setting down. The KR QUANTEC PA Arctic is the only robot on the market that operates in cold environments without a protective suit or robot arm heater, and with an energy supply up to the flange that's designed for extreme cold.

Careful handling of food products, sensitive handling of costs

As a palletizing robot for cold-storage rooms, the KR QUANTEC PA Arctic operates with uncompromising reliability and efficiency. This means no temperature fluctuations, no loss of qualityno ice formation on the frozen goods. Compared to conventional solutions with a heated protective suit, this robot offers enormous potential for cost savings, able to eliminate heat emissions and downtime for part replacements. 

Advantages of Arctic automation – layer by layer, pallet by pallet in extreme cold

  • Cold resistant

    • Equipped with special hydraulic fluid and low-temperature seals
    • Special grease for low temperatures in the cable set
    • All plastic parts (such as clamps) suitable for palletizing in cold-storage rooms
  • Strong

    • High flexibility, performance and extreme precision when stacking and setting down
    • One of the fastest palletizers on the market in cycle-time comparisons 
    • Constant throughput, even with a full payload of 240 kg
  • Space- and cost-saving

    • Streamlined base frame for a small footprint
    • Makes innovative cell concepts possible
      for palletizing tasks
    • Extremely high cost-saving potential compared to solutions with protective suits

Flexibility in mono-palletizing

Configure the layers and items of a pallet – as well as their patterns – quickly and intuitively with KUKA.PalletTech software. 

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