Healthcare: more time for better care

For decades, KUKA and Swisslog have been pioneers in the fields of medical technology, medical robotics, hospital automation and hospital logistics. We offer comprehensive solutions that address current challenges.

Swisslog Healthcare: Automation for medication and supply chain management

Intelligent automation concepts developed specifically for healthcare requirements allow more efficient work processes in hospitals. Individual solutions relieve healthcare staff of redundant and monotonous tasks that previously took them a great deal of time. This frees up valuable personnel resources that can be invested in the individual care of patients.

At the same time, healthcare automation eases the physical burdens on staff and reduces the risk of human error to a minimum – an essential factor in providing high-quality care.

Planning the hospital of the future with KUKA

KUKA and Swisslog are global leaders in healthcare automation solutions. We have more than 60 years of experience healthcare and more than 100 years in automation.

We enable you to optimize your supply chain management and make hospital processes even more efficient – for example in medication management, material handling, service center management and data analysis. Our packaging and dispensing robots seamlessly integrate with automated transport systems to deliver security and safety. They increase workflow efficiency, which lowers personnel costs, reduces total expenditures and gives your staff the time they need to look after their patients a – key differentiating factor in the hospital of the future.

Robotisering in de zorg
KUKA offers state-of-the-art automation solutions for healthcare applications.

Full service from KUKA

KUKA and Swisslog provide you with a wide range of services and solutions from a single source. We are the only company that combines advantages in the fields of robotics, transport automation, medication management and warehousing and logistics centers. 

Our innovative technologies are interoperable, can be optimally integrated into your existing workflow and make you a technology leader in the healthcare industry.

We address the global challenges in healthcare with end-to-end automation solutions. These help our customers boost their efficiency and free personnel from non-value added activities. Thus, caregivers are able to concentrate on what matters most: their patients.

Stephan Sonderegger, CEO, Swisslog Healthcare
KUKA and Swisslog have more than 60 years of experience in the healthcare sector and more than 100 years in automation.

KUKA Medical Robotics: Optimal solutions for the clinical sector

KUKA's expertise extends from automation solutions that enhance efficiency in the operating room itself. In there, doctors, therapists and above all patients benefit from our core competence in robotics. We have pooled this competence into the KUKA Medical Robotics division, created especially to meet the needs of medical manufacturers. Here, a committed team of experts with specific technical knowledge is engaged in further developing KUKA industrial robots for the medical technology sector. These robots range from the smallest sensitive LBR Med lightweight robot through to large robots with payloads in excess of 200 kilograms. In the interdisciplinary setting of medical robotics, KUKA is working jointly with strong partners and integrators to develop the operating room of the future.

Today, our medical robots and components already cover a wide range in healthcare, including:

  • Specialized rehabilitation applications
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Tumor treatment at the molecular level
  • Improved breast cancer diagnosis
  • Non-contact bone cutting using cold-laser technology
  • Optimized treatment of multimorbid patients
  • Advanced diagnostics and research

Our robotic assistance systems make us the leading technology partner for customers in the medical technology sector. With our technology, we aim to make a major contribution to patient safety and furthermore to satisfy the high demands arising from medical technology.

Michael Otto, Divisional Manager of KUKA Medical Robotics

Healthcare research cooperation

Innovation is the driving force of all progress. All segments of healthcare are currently undergoing a transformation to which demographic challenges are making a significant contribution.

As a pioneer in the concept of Industrie 4.0, we strive to achieve the best possible automation solutions with the greatest benefit for process efficiency and thus for patient care. In contrast to our research partners for hospital automation, our research partners in the surgical field are developing a wide range of medical methods. Promising new avenues that can only be implemented by the use of medical robots are investigated and analyzed.

For this purpose, we collaborate with renowned research institutions, such as Stanford University, Twente University, the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology, the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, RWTH Aachen University and the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg. Jointly, we develop and test the best robot-based assistance systems for doctors and patients – such as 3D X-ray systems or medical robots for rehabilitation centers and home-based care.

In addition we are supplier to leading companies such as Siemens Healthcare, and work in partnership with them. In collaboration with them we develop intelligent healthcare automation solutions under real-life conditions.

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