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Robots in the foundry

With their heat-, corrosion-, alkali- and acid-resistant coating, KUKA Foundry robots are optimally equipped for the harsh working environments in the foundry and forging industry.

Molding, casting and machining: KUKA Foundry robots are all-rounders in the world of the foundry and forging industry

From intricate light alloy components to large-format steel parts: KUKA robots master all disciplines in the automated processes of the foundry and forging industry, from sand casting and die casting to permanent mold casting and even the handling of heavy molds and finished components.

The robot’s Foundry wrist with corrosion-resistant V2A materials is dustproof, waterproof and certified with protection rating IP67

Robots need to meet a number of requirements for the new, innovative casting processes: a surface that is resistant to heat, corrosion, alkalis and acid is essential, as are special seals on the motor and gear unit flanges. The Foundry wrists of the KUKA robots hold gripper tooling made of heat-resistant special steel and are provided with a white-aluminum special paint finish. This makes even higher heat resistance possible in this especially critical area. 

The robot wrist and in-line wrist are provided with redundant safety through sealing air and high-quality Viton seals with thermal and chemical resistance. 

Sealing air and high-quality Viton seals provide redundant safety in the robot wrist and in-line wrist.

Large product pallet: KUKA foundry robot for payloads from 3 to 1,300 kg can do almost anything. 

All the robots in the KUKA robot family, both large and small, are characterized by their high performance, robustness and energy efficiency. Whether standard, shelf-mounted or heavy-duty robots, which can be used even more flexibly thanks to the floor or ceiling mounting options, there is a suitable KUKA robot for every task and every production variant.

The product range is rounded out with gantry units and linear units which are also suitable for floor or pedestal mounting. Thanks to long travel distances and high torque, they expand the periphery of the robot and thus enormously increase its reach and efficiency. Special covers ensure necessary protection in harsh industrial environments.

Greatest variety of models in the payload range from 3 to 1300 kg: more than 275 models, linear axes and robot options designed specially for the foundry market
Payload from 3 to 10 kg.
The KR AGILUS series with unparalleled performance at the highest of speeds is also available as a waterproof variant with protection rating IP 67.

Payload from 16 to 120 kg.
The highly practical, tried-and-tested KR 30/60 F series is ideally adapted to the requirements of foundry applications.

Payload from 120 to 270 kg.

The KR 120 nano F exclusive from the KR QUANTEC nano family is optimized for the extreme conditions in cleaning systems and medium- or large-sized washing cells. As a result of the high IP69 protection rating, this robot is ideally suited for wet chemical cleaning as well as immersion and high-pressure cleaning processes – even when using aggressive cleaning agents and disinfectants. The robust KUKA washing robot is resistant to alkalis, acids, heat and corrosion

Payload from 240 to 600 kg. 
Strong, flexible, agile: KR FORTEC series is the perfect choice for handling heavy parts. With an unparalleled range of models for payloads up to 600 kilograms.

Payload from 750 to 1300 kg. 
The KR 1000 titan F series – with a payload of up to 1,300 kilograms and a reach of up to 6.5 meters – enables the precise handling of XL workpieces such as large engine blocks.

Shelf-mounted robot for foundries: high-level handling power in hot environments.

The KR QUANTEC K-F series offers the right shelf-mounted robot for every machine – with maximum reaches of up to 3,900 mm. For efficient loading and unloading, finishing and assembly of parts. For optimal automation processes with a decisive edge in dynamic performance, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Shelf-mounted robots with superior dynamic performance – up to 290 kg.


KUKA shelf-mounted robots stand out for their low weight and volume. They can be installed directly on machines with minimum effort, thereby saving space.

Reliable planning.

KUKA robot families have an identical hole pattern on their mounting base. This allows different KUKA shelf-mounted robots to be used on machines of different sizes without any additional planning measures.

Deep reach.

KUKA shelf-mounted robots are designed for an especially large downward reach. They optimally access the workspace from above. Thanks to their low height, they require little vertical space.


Thanks to their low moving mass, KUKA shelf-mounted robots achieve a high dynamic performance and very short cycle times. This enables higher productivity and cost-effectiveness with rapid payback.

Robotic spraying systems

With the KUKA shelf-mounted robots designed specially for operation on die-casting machines, even very large machines can be automated. The product range covers payloads from 16 to 270 kg and reaches of up to 3,900 mm. 

The foundation for process reliability and high performance during robot-based metal casting.

  • Quick programming for optimal casting quality: KUKA.CNC

    KUKA robots perform processing tasks just like production machines – and can be programmed like them too in G-code (DIN 66025) thanks to the KUKA.CNC interface.
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  • Versatile control system: KR C4

    KUKA KR C4 makes child’s play of controlling external axes and synchronizing in complex work processes. At the same time, the electronic components are protected against dust and dirt by means of an atmospheric overpressure in the housing.
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  • Operation with little knowledge of robotics: KUKA.PLC mxA

    The convenient, universal interface allows KUKA robots at production machines to be operated extremely easily using the production machine’s control panel.
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