KUKA ready2_pilot

In order to make the teaching of an industrial robot through manual guidance easy and user-friendly, KUKA offers ready2_pilot: a wireless solution which is easy to use and can be implemented quickly.

Unique, wireless robot control package

Today’s Automotive, Consumer Goods and Plasticsmarkets show a great demand for easy-to-use robots. Delevoped over years of experience in different marketsand industries, KUKA provides a very user-friendly handguiding device. And beyond this, by being the world’s first wireless solution of its kind, ready2_pilot offers unsurpassed connectivity and flexibility.

KUKA ready2_pilot - Robots Taught Instead of Programmed

KUKA ready2_pilot: package for the easy control of a robot with no training requirements

Easy robot control with ready2_pilot - your advantages

  • Easy to use. Simple control, no training requirements.
  • Wireless tool. Unlimited flexibility and high versatility.
  • Intuitive robot piloting. Like using a 6D mouse with a computer.
  • No re-orientation. Mouse can be mounted right on the robot.
  • Usable with any kind of standard robot. Disregarding the payload, no additional Safety needed. Use it when you want, disconnect the 6D mouse during the production.

Application fields of KUKA ready2_pilot

From agile small robots to heavy-duty giants, the ready2_pilot package can be used easily with almost any KUKA industrial robot for intuitive programming and path planning. It makes no difference whether the robot is used for welding, handling or other areas of application.

KUKA ready2_pilot is available in two variants:

  • ready2_pilot SmartPad
  • ready2_pilot SW-Option

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