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KUKA ready2_pilot

In order to make the teaching of an industrial robot through manual guidance simple and user-friendly, KUKA offers ready2_pilot: a wireless solution which is particularly easy to use and can be implemented quickly.

KUKA ready2_pilot: intuitive controller package for simple teaching and manual guidance of robots

With KUKA ready2_pilot, manual robot guidance in no time.

Teaching instead of programming: robot handling has never been easier

As the world’s first controller package of its type, KUKA ready2_pilot makes robot control merely child’s play. The package is quickly mounted on the robot and can be used directly without complex programming. Manual guidance of the robot is all that is required to teach it the desired sequences. From precise welding to rough palletization, and from small robots such as the KUKA KR AGILUS to heavy-duty giants such as the KUKA KR 1000 titan – KUKA ready2_pilot enables you to master a wide range of different requirements simply and straightforward. 


Intuitive, reorienting 6D mouse

Operation of KUKA ready2_pilot is child’s play and is carried out using an intuitive 6D mouse with no training required. Fastened with adapter plates this mouse can be used from different positions, always within user’s reach.

Connectivity and flexibility

The wireless concept of KUKA ready2_pilot is compatible with all standard KUKA robots and offers maximum freedom for operator control.

Freedom of motion to the right degree

Move the robot exclusively on the desired paths by simply deactivating directions that are not required. This prevents unintentional slipping during motion and saves time-consuming corrections.

Adaptable navigation keys

Two buttons on the side of the 6D mouse enable quick access to freely selectable functions. From opening and closing a gripper to adjusting process parameters or saving motions in the robot program – a simple click suffices and saves precious time.

Security of investment and versatile compatibility: possibilities with KUKA ready2_pilot

KUKA ready2_pilot is certainly a sound investment: once it has been purchased, the hardware can always be reused with any standard KUKA robot and can be retrofitted at any time by means of inexpensive software updates.

Do you wish to benefit optimally from the advantages of KUKA ready2_pilot? Depending on the initial situation, the following options are available:

  • You already use KUKA robots together with KUKA ready2_pilot? Thanks to the reusable hardware, you only need a software update to KSS 8.5 in order to be able to use the latest version of KUKA ready2_pilot.
  • You already have KUKA robots and would like to equip them with KUKA ready2_pilot? KUKA ready2_pilot is also available as a retrofit package that can be used for the cost-effective retrofitting of all standard KUKA robots.
  • You wish to purchase a KUKA industrial robot together with KUKA ready2_pilot? KUKA tailors its offers to meet specific customer requirements. KUKA ready2_pilot is designed for use with both individual and multiple robots.