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Robotic Republic: the KUKA ecosystem

The Robotic Republic stands for simple robotics for everyone, all united in the KUKA ecosystem.

Robotic Republic: an ecosystem that makes automation flexible and easy for everyone

The Robotic Republic is a multi-vendor ecosystem that offers all the components of high-performance robot applications on an open platform. KUKA's ecosystem is characterized by a rapidly growing range of hardware and software components. This allows you to put together individual automation packages that are safe, compatible, and ready for use.

The Robotic Republic is perfect way to future-proof industrial automation.

New perspectives on robot-based automation 

In the Robotic Republic, KUKA joins forces with third-party providers to jointly enable all users to automate manufacturing easily and independently. KUKA's ecosystem continuously offers new applications, advanced functionalities, and digital services that are easy to use and implement.

  • Open to all

    The Robotic Republic is an open, growing ecosystem in which, everyone can actively participate, including users and technology partners.
  • Quick step 

    All components are compatible with each other, making it quick and easy to get ready for use.
  • Easily accessible

    Video tutorials and instructions in the Robotic Republic support you from configuration to the finished robot application.
  • Intuitive self-help

    The iiQKA User Forum allows you to exchange ideas and questions with other iiQKA users.

Assemble your robot application online

Shop for robots and software packages and configure your individual robot applications with compatible robot extensions such as compatible safety sensors, vision systems and grippers. 
Immediately after your successful registration to my.KUKA, you have access to numerous functions. After verifying your account, you will also receive information and benefits that are tailored to you. This process increases the security of your individual login and may take a few days.

Highest compatibility – maximum safety

In the Robotic Republic, all components are compatible with each other. KUKA certification also guarantees compliance with all safety standards, e.g. in the areas of human-robot collaboration and IT security. KUKA's ecosystem offers continuously expanding hardware and software tools that are ready for immediate use upon delivery.

The Robotic Republic is developing into a global network of experienced automation experts and robotics newcomers, software and process developers, and other partners.

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