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KUKA at the 2017 European Robotics Forum

Research meets industry at the most important networking event for robotics. From 22 to 24 March 2017, KUKA will be taking part in the European Robotics Forum (ERF) in Edinburgh, Scotland.

03 March 2017

Over 700 engineers, managers, researchers and entrepreneurs from all over Europe will meet at the ERF in Edinburgh to discuss current robotics topics and to intensify collaboration. This year’s motto is “Living and working with robots”. The agenda includes new initiatives and applications for every sector and technology – from artificial intelligence to Industrie 4.0. More than 20 exhibitors will be taking part – KUKA among them. “KUKA, as one of the largest European robot manufacturers, is a Gold Sponsor of the event and plays an active role in shaping the content of the forum,” says Dr. Bernd Liepert, Chief Innovation Officer at KUKA.

The ERF is an information and discussion forum for all those interested in industrial and service robotics as well as in their significance for society.

Dr. Rainer Bischoff, Head of KUKA Corporate Research

The Augsburg-based automation specialist will be demonstrating the possibilities of sensitive robotics in an entertaining way with “Beer Paulii”. Together with its human service colleagues, the “bartender robot” carries out all the necessary steps: it grasps a bottle of beer, opens it, picks up a glass, rinses it and pours the wheat beer in perfect fashion.

The bartender robot is a KUKA lightweight robot LBR iiwa which has sensitive joint torque sensors in all seven axes. They enable it to recognize whether the bottle is full or empty by its weight, to grasp the glass without breaking it and to open the bottle by applying just the right amount of force. This makes the LBR iiwa ideally suited for human-robot collaboration.

About the European Robotics Forum

The forum is an event held by the Brussels-based non-profit organization euRobotics (President: Dr. Bernd Liepert). Having started in 2010 as a purely academic event, the ERF has since developed into one of the most influential forums, with representatives from research and industry.

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