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KUKA’ system partner programme has been developed to establish strategic partnerships that bring in-depth knowledge of applications and specialist skills to the benefit of customers across all manufacturing sectors.

An established portfolio of silver, gold and platinum partners bring to the table specialist skills and knowledge in their sector, for customers that need equipment integration, enabling KUKA to strengthen the breadth and depth of expertise available to its customers.

16 March 2021

In addition, KUKA also actively nurture partnerships with select industry suppliers to extend brand reach and establish additional routes to market. These accredited businesses further enhance KUKA’ industrial solution provision by implementing open, collaborative relations with providers who can fulfil a number of criteria along the entire automation chain, in conjunction with accredited System Partners.

KUKA’s most recent addition to our industrial partner portfolio, is Routeco, a UK based technical distributor for control and automation. One of the UK's leading distributors of industrial automation and control products, Routeco’ nationwide network of sales locations provides customers with the very best choice of products from leading manufacturers.

Routeco’s partnership with KUKA shall focus upon the Food & Beverage sector with KUKA’ six axis industrial robots featuring within their portfolio of industry acknowledged products. But that’s not the be-all and end-all of the partnership. Many of the products that Routeco advocate can potentially benefit KUKA’s existing System Partner network, creating a microclimate of supply and demand based upon a mutual benefit framework.

At KUKA, we understand technology. We understand manufacturing and the business case for investing in automation. Industry partners like Routeco can help to bridge the gap between their customers’ needs and automation realisation, as suppliers for Control & Automation products.

Of the recent collaboration, Bernard Bagley, Head of Robot Sales - General Industry, KUKA UK said “Routeco are a technical distributor for control and automation and serving industry has been their prime focus since 1978. They have always specialised in providing their customers with the very best industrial control and automation products, and as part of their growth plans decided to seek to partner with robot suppliers to enhance their total service to the markets they serve. As KUKA are not in competition with any of Routeco’ s core products, they were a good fit for Routeco to partner with, introducing the extensive range of products that KUKA offers, to complement their existing portfolio that includes Rockwell Automation’ full range of industrial automation products”.

Of the recent partnership agreement, Darren Spearing, Routeco Product and Marketing Manager said “Whilst the UK still lags its European manufacturing counterparts in robot density, the desire to take advantage of robotics has never been more relevant. Routeco with over 40 years of experience supporting UK manufacturing recognises the ability to integrate robotics into existing and new applications needs an injection of pace”.

Keith Harrison – Routeco Group Commercial Director concludes “We are delighted to be partnering with KUKA, they are a world leading manufacturer who match our ambition in improving the production process of our customers and being their partner of choice”.