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Robotic welding: seamless process automation

KUKA system partners range from small, niche operators to quite large enterprises, operating across a plethora of diverse markets, all with their own specific industrial specialism and expertise. The programme expands across both our UK and Irish operations, ensuring that we are best positioned to strengthen the breadth and depth of expertise available to all our customers.

08 April 2021

DesignPro are experts in automation, mechanical engineering design, PLC programming and robotic integration, primarily serving medtech and automotive markets but can help develop any industrial application that requires medium-sized modular cells and small pay­load robots with tight tolerances.

Most recently DesignPro have expanded their horizons into the field of automated arc welding providing a wide range of robotic welding solutions and support services to the industrial engineering sector. Their modular and bespoke automated welding solutions offer several advantages for manufacturers when implementing welding robots into their processes, including faster, consistent cycle times, an increase in production, a safer work environment and better weld quality.

“Robotic welding delivers a number of significant benefits, encompassing quality, accuracy, efficiency and cost savings” says Sean Dorris, DesignPro’ Robotic Welding Specialist, adding “Getting started with a robotic welding automation project may seem like a daunting task at first, but your success lies in breaking the project down into simple steps and choosing the right system integrator with proven experience in this field. There are so many considerations, such as achieving the correct weld angle and speed, precision of weld application and thereafter repeatability. The success and productivity of any automated robotic welding cell is only as good as the expertise applied at concept, and again at delivery”.

Capitalising upon their robotic expertise and in-depth knowledge across the full spectrum of welding processes including pulsed MIG, CMT, LSC and PMC, DesignPro are also delivering a series of on-premise robotic welding courses direct from their Rathkeale facility; the first of its kind in Ireland.

“Our dedicated robotic welding training course provides participants with the knowledge to understand the key functions of a welding robot” said Sean, adding “The aim of the course is to deliver fundamental robotic programming skills and enable students to learn the most advanced mechanised welding techniques and help business owners discover how current emerging automation technologies can be harnessed in order to have a positive impact on their operations”.

And with over 30 years of experience delivering automated solutions, Brian Cooney, Managing Director, KUKA Ireland has no doubt that DesignPro are having a positive and profound impact on filling the gap left by the growing shortage of welding professionals.

“As strategic KUKA system partners, what DesignPro bring to the table is specialist skills and knowledge in their sector, for customers that need equipment integration. The robot element of an automated welding system often represents between 25% and 50%. Integration, tooling and task related software represent the balance and that’s the integrators’ (DesignPro’) area” Brian explains.

Of the system partner programme’s tiered structure, Brian says “We encourage and support our system partners up to the Platinum level, based on the number of robots they sell. DesignPro have maintained their Platinum position for the last three years, and our partnership goes from strength to strength as time goes on. It’s an open and sym­biotic relationship, and one I hope continues for many years to come”.

With an admirable portfolio of collaborative, tending and welding systems all featuring the iconic orange KUKA industrial robot, DesignPro can deliver across an extensive range of automated production processes. And, as pioneers of autonomous, intelligent solutions, are fast becoming known as the best in the automated welding business, within Irish manufacturing circles.

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