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Robotics isn’t complicated when it’s this iisy

Technology that is easier to manage is often embraced by more people due to the inherent appeal of convenience and efficiency

24 July 2023

We naturally gravitate towards simplicity - KUKA is making robotics accessible to everyone, even those with no previous robotics experience - Welcome to the LBR iisy!

In a fast-paced world where time is of the essence straightforward and manageable robotics become attractive choices. The simple set-up of the iisy instils a sense of confidence: users feel more in control and empowered when interacting with the uncomplicated, collaborative robotic tool. It's user-friendly instructions and straightforward assembly processes promote ease of use, ensuring that more people can reap the benefits with minimal barriers.

Unboxing and commissioning a robot should be quick and iisy

Manufacturers understand the importance of straightforward setup to minimize any potential barriers in the adoption of new robotic technologies. By designing packaging that allows easy access to components and providing clear step-by-step instructions, KUKA has made it eminently easy to rapidly unbox the LBR iisy and guide users through a hassle-free set-up process - even those with minimal technical expertise are able to get the collaborative robot up and running efficiently. The emphasis on quick and easy unboxing and commissioning not only saves valuable time for users but also enhances the overall user experience, making the utilization of the robot accessible and enjoyable, whatever the industry and eventual application.

Out-of-the-box robotics!

The concept of out-of-the-box technologies being easier to integrate applies to KUKA’s collaborative robot, the LBR iisy. Designed to work alongside humans in a shared workspace, assisting and enhancing their productivity, the ease of unboxing and setting up the LBR iisy, is making access to collaborative technologies available to everyone. Find out more here

Unboxing, and setting up thr LBR iisy, is, well, easy...!

Digital tools are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry

Transformative change across its landscape is well established. By integrating advanced technologies, manufacturers are optimizing their production processes, enhancing efficiency, and unlocking new levels of productivity. Among these game-changing innovations, collaborative robots have emerged as a standout example.

The LBR iisy is designed to work alongside human operators, leveraging their capabilities to augment and complement human tasks rather than replacing them. Equipped with sophisticated sensors and programming, the iisy collaborates safely and seamlessly with humans*, fostering a harmonious human-robot interaction.

By incorporating the LBR iisy into their operations, manufacturers can achieve greater flexibility, faster turnaround times, and improved precision in tasks that require repetitive and laborious efforts. The integration of collaborative robots into the manufacturing workflow exemplifies how digital tools are driving the industry's transformation, elevating it to new heights of competitiveness, and propelling it into an era of unprecedented progress.

It's as iisy as 1, 2, 3…

Don’t take our word for it – See how our UK & Ireland Marketing team got on, unboxing and setting up the LBR iisy, with no previous robotics experience, in our new and exciting YouTube video, below - Everything is hard before it is iisy.

*Application dependant

Robotics isn’t complicated when it’s this iisy

The simple set-up of the iisy instils a sense of confidence: an uncomplicated, collaborative robotic tool