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 Stronger, faster, more productive - how is automation driving change in manufacturing today?

Industry must decarbonise at a faster rate than ever before - This means innovation, technology adoption and operational agility. Robots today are more accessible than ever before, and generally the price of technology is falling...

Many companies are committed to investing in their future and improving productivity. 

Companies are experimenting more with robotics and other technologies, as their aura has been demystified and democratised. KUKA and its system partners are at the front of these novel applications, as attitudes towards automation change.

Now, more than ever, we are witnessing the rise of entirely new markets that are capitalising on robotic automation. Industries such as dairy farming, hazardous waste management, and even 3D printing. Companies like Votechnik, Peacock Technology, and WAAM 3D whose niche applications feature within this report - all have utilised robotic automation to address significant challenges within their specific markets.

But robots alone are not sufficient in modern manufacturing today - Digitalisation might be an industry buzzword, but the tools that are available to manufacturers are changing the manufacturing landscape as we know it. 

Read more in our fascinating industry report, which combines industry knowledge, real-life case studies, and references from both KUKA and from across our system partner network.

Stronger, faster, more productive - the endless opportunities for robots and automation

For manufacturing companies, costs and margins are a constant battle but with energy costs at three or four-times their “normal” levels, high material inflation and a shortage of skilled labour, the period since 2020 has been particularly savage. On top of this, industry must decarbonise at a faster rate than ever before.
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The role of robots is growing, in modern-day manufacturing

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