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Welding at a high level

KUKA Robotics presents awards to the winners of the 1st DVS Robot Welding Competition

12 October 2015

The participants worked with the KR 5 arc with a Fronius power source and competed against contestants from other robot manufacturers.
When it comes to robot-based automation, the order of the day is: open communication and simple integration. KUKA proved its pursuit of these principles once again at the 1st DVS (German Association for Welding and Related Processes) Robot Welding Competition. Yang Hongbo from the company China FAW Group Corporation Labor, Philipp von der Bank from the company Paul von der Bank GmbH and Wang Cai also from China FAW Group Corporation Labor Union managed to take their place on the winners’ rostrum despite a lack of experience in operating and programming KUKA robots and only having completed a basic or retraining course.

Extremely impressive execution and quality of welding seams

“KUKA demonstrated its full welding expertise at the 1st DVS Robot Welding Competition,” says Günter Kreuzig, Key Technology Manager Welding at KUKA Roboter GmbH, reflecting on a successful competition. The participants worked with the KR 5 arc with a Fronius power source and competed against contestants from other robot manufacturers. Each operator could weld up to three test pieces and then submit them for evaluation. In addition to the practical section of the contest, the participants’ technical expertise was also put to the test. Multiple choice questions on the production process tested the participants’ knowledge in all areas of robotics within welding technology. “It was really easy to operate the KUKA robot even though I’d only had a few days of programming experience. The mix of theory and practical work was excellent, but it also challenged me,” says Philipp von der Bank, whose performance saw him take 2nd place. Every single seam which was submitted was checked by Vitronic, a sensor for optical 2D and 3D weld inspection. “The execution and quality of the weld seams was extremely impressive and they lay very close together – irrespective of the robot manufacturer,” says Günter Kreuzig, who feels KUKA’s welding expertise has been endorsed.

Industrie 4.0 – a key topic in the welding sector

Data management and the handling of process parameters was a major point of interest at this year’s technical conferences and trade exhibition. “With the ArcTech Software products, KUKA is already intensively addressing this focus topic. This also illustrates that Industrie 4.0 is now a prevalent issue in the welding industry,” explains Jochen Krause, Product Manager Arc Welding at KUKA Roboter GmbH. Theo Buschhaus, Senior Sales Manager Arclas at KUKA Industries GmbH, took the cost-effective production of control cabinets in small quantities as the theme for his presentation. “The technical conferences covered the extensive portfolio of robot applications but also the entire welding technology spectrum. KUKA Industries has secured a strong position in the industry thanks to its turnkey solutions,” says Theo Buschhaus, looking back on a successful congress.