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Assembly is one of the most important tasks in industrial manufacturing. We assemble the necessary components and parts for you in order to produce complete systems or products, making sure that your production operations comply with the latest Industrie 4.0 requirements. 

Assembly: the technology

Assembly is one of the critical process steps in industrial manufacturing. The reason for this are ever-increasing product ranges, more complex systems and shorter innovation cycles. To be competitive in the era of Industrie 4.0, you need to be quick and above all flexible.

Automated assembly

KUKA considers the individual situation of each customer to determine the level of automation required. Assembling entails various steps, for example:

  • Handling of tools and workpieces
  • Handling between individual assembly steps
  • The individual tasks within the production process
  • Quality assurance

In addition to traditional assembly, we offer other automation solutions for the assembly shop of the future. The mobile KUKA flexFELLOW robot unit can be quickly moved into place where it is needed and put into operation immediately. Human-robot collaboration is also possible thanks to the sensitive characteristics of the LBR iiwa lightweight robot. This results in completely new concepts for sensitive assembly.

Assembly: the advantages

KUKA offers everything required from a high-performance and effective assembly cell: from intelligent automation solutions and peripheral components such as modular gripper systems or optimal conveyor systems through to virtual commissioning. For you as a customer this means you will be more flexiblemore economical, and more competitive.

Give us a call to discuss what your Assembly Cell 4.0 can look like.

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