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At Borscheid + Wenig, two KUKA robots complement one another perfectly at the injection molding machine

Borscheid + Wenig GmbH, based in Diedorf, Bavaria, has acquired over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of plastic components. As an industrial firm with international operations in the supplier sector, the company offers a comprehensive range of services, from the manufacture of individual components to complete assemblies.

The plastics processing firm primarily serves customers from the automotive industry. Two years ago, Borscheid + Wenig, which currently has a workforce of 451, opened a further plant in Gersthofen. There, among other products, the plastics specialists manufacture engine compartment covers in a DEMAG injection molding machine for a renowned German automotive manufacturer.

Industrial robots for positioning and installation

It was looked for a solution that could not only unload the injection molding machine, but also implement the repositioning into the cavity and the assembly fixture as precisely and repeatably as possible. The only option considered for the automation of these different steps in a single system was an industrial robot. And that is not all: a KUKA robot in the same cell also carries out the subsequent fitting of clips into the workpiece fully automatically.

The KR 60 L30-4 KS at taking out of plastic components
The KR 60 L30-4 KS persuads at the unloading of the plastic components with reach and flexibility

Two KUKA robots working as a team


First of all, a KUKA KR 60 L30-4 KS robot unloads the semi-finished parts from the injection molding machine. The hard parts are repositioned in a further cavity and the molded semi-finished parts are removed from the mold. The sprue is then removed and the robot sets the part down in an assembly fixture. At this point, the second KUKA robot, a small robot from the KR AGILUS series, takes over.

The small six-axis robot of type KR 10 R900 is positioned in a space-saving manner in the lower area of the highly compact cell and reaches up to the assembly fixture from underneath. It first checks the last loading position of the semi-finished parts using a Cognex camera. Using a gripper, it then picks up the clips to be fitted and inserts them into the semi-finished part.

The position of the clips is also checked with the mounted camera. At this point, the KR 60 takes over again, removing the assembled finished parts from the assembly fixture and setting them down on a conveyor belt for transport out of the cell.

Maximum reach and flexibility

The KUKA KR 60 and the KR AGILUS complement one another perfectly in the compact cell at Borscheid + Wenig. With its payload capacity of 30 kg, the shelf-mounted KR 60 convinces with its outstanding reach and flexibility. Reaching down from above, it makes optimal use of the workspace and thanks to its low height, it only needs a small amount of headroom. Due to its low weight, the shelf-mounted robot achieves high dynamic performance and optimal cycle times. The KR AGILUS, meanwhile, sets new standards in terms of precision and speed.
KR AGILUS and KR 60 in perfect collaboration at Borscheid + Wenig
KR AGILUS (below) and KR 60 are perfectly working togehter in the compact cell.
With a payload capacity of 10 kg and a reach of 900 mm, the small robot enables manufacturing quality at the highest level – and in the shortest time. With its speed and high precision, the KR AGILUS can position even the smallest components quickly and precisely. Beyond this, the compact system – consisting of the robot with the associated KR C4 controller – can function in the smallest of spaces.

Divison of tasks increases productivity and quality

"The solution ensures Borscheid + Wenig a stable and consistent series production and enables to guarantee reliability of supply until the end customer. Working in three-shift operation, the system has a daily output of 2000 to 2500 parts in three variants. Due to the division of tasks between the two robots, Borscheid + Wenig has less downtime and orders can be processed more quickly. Last, but not least, it has been possible to boost productivity and quality significantly.

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